Make Money Online With Shopify (The Lazy Man’s Blueprint)

Been learning a lot about making money online with Shopify and e-commerce. In this video, I talk about the lazy blueprint to make it happen. Let me know if Shopify is something you want me to make more videos on. Next Step after video:


Fitness For You says:

Yes! More Shopify training please. I’ve attempted at least 10 Shopify stores, I would like to get one to stick soon. FBA is also a very good topic, I’ve done some of that too, should get back to it soon. Please explain how to integrate a funnel with a Shopify store. I could probably figure it out however maybe not lol Very good content, please keep the videos coming Dan. Peace

Tirk Wilder says:

This sounds VERY interesting. I am still working on my Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program (every time I re-visit

Justin Justin says:

does it have to be facebook or can it be Instagram?

Marco Ziervogel says:

Okay I understand the concept of upselling now with your explanation with the use of a funnel.. do I incorporate a funnel in Shopify if I use leadpages then how do I add that in Shopify or does Shopify have their own funnel that I could use Thanks Dan

Jermaine Brown says:

Not sure dan if you read or learned but on aliexpress make sure you go for the products that have epacket shipping. I believe its a chrome extension or with Oberlo where you can see if it has epacket.

This way for dropshipping your items get shipped faster than the traditional like 3-4 weeks without it

Ana Maclaurin says:

I’ve recommended this method to make easy cash online to all my friends and they’re killing it: *AddExtraCash .com* You don’t need any experience to make this work and there’s no risk involved. Just try it if you’re interested. “The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”

DailyDoug says:

Go into more detail on Shopify.

The Art Of Allowing says:

Yes please! In the process of creating my first store now.

אור סגל ה2 says:

Can you please make a video about how to create an email list..

Yesir1231 says:


Mohammed Awati says:

Love your pyjama dan! Can You go more in depth thank you for the help

Tonya Brewton says:

Yes, I’d like to learn more on Shopify.
Will you be launching a Shopify course?

Scott Prevett says:

This is awesome, Dan. Will you be putting together a Shopify course at some point? I think that those of us who become successful at affiliate marketing will eventually want to branch out and try other avenues for making money online, so you’d certainly have a built-in market for it. Anyway, if you do I’m sure we’ll be the first to know!

Geeks Only says:

Do you wear the same Pjs in every video or do you have like a million of the same pjs

James Richardson says:

Dan!!! Thank you as always. Love your vids. Love the info you provide. Please make more videos about Shopify and dropshipping.

Mike says:

Hey Dan, I like the synergy you are putting together with Shopify, FB, affiliate marketing, software, etc. These streams all working together sounds like the way to go. Keep up the good videos and rockin’ the socks.

John & Shelia Travels says:

Shopify with out Facebook

Byron Watts says:

I sell from my self hosted WordPress without Shopify. Are there reasons why I should change that ?

Jen Evers says:

I bypassed on Shopify at another’s recommendation and yours, and am now stuck.. (word press) and wish I had gone with my first intent. I love your content and want to know more about shopify for sure. I might be going that way next. Thank you for the positivity and all your shared knowledge. Hoping to kiss my old job goodbye in a couple years. xoxo Jen

bob hobby says:

Nice video man. I speak for everyone your videos are informative !

Alwayne Gray says:

Amazon fba is better than shopify

Patrick Pedrus says:

Yes!! Finally the deadbeat take on Shopify. I was wondering when you’d make a video on this. I’ve listened to a lot of Shopify tutorials, but your bathrobe somehow makes it so clear and easy for me. Cheers!

Richard Short says:

Yes more on Shopify please

Francis Siarot says:

Is this available in Philippines? I try to affiliate on amazon and now i want to try this Shopify… Hehehe

Fitness Models says:

How to create an email list as a lazy man ?

Nathan Martinez says:

Sure Shopify seems like a good topic

youngimages2000 says:

Yes! And offer fair trade on that robe back there! Maybe duplicates so the price can come down a bit. Certificate that they’re real, etc

ReviewMarineProducts says:

Shopify as the sales platform, YT and FB as the promo to get buyers onto an email list. Sounds good to me.

karim mohamed says:

My entry to making money online business was actually a shopify dropshipping store, but I found out it’s not the best start for total beginners in Internet Marketing, you need to have some money to spend on ads and you to have knowledge about the basics of IM, I didn’t have niether of them.

But I still believe it’s a great way to make money online if you now what you are doing.

Sallyann Ebsworth says:

Hi dan doing your deadbeat super affiliate . Com program and loving it! I tried e commerce in the past and could never get a good lot of traffic but now I understand so much more and would love some pointers into shopify please!! Thanks Dan you have to be one of, if Not THE best online coaches/teachers on the internet now ! Keep going! Thanks!!!!

Javane Getten says:

love the video, would love for you to go much more in depth

LaDeana Robinson says:

Great Info,, I would like to know how your store goes

Johnny Suomu says:

How to make an email funnel step by step and what to say to get conversions!! 🙂

gus1911 says:

Yes more on Shopify, please.

DailyDoug says:

You used to say “nitch” now you say “kneesh” Which is it??? Lol

Herbisa says:


Nicholas Okonneh says:

So I don’t know much about Affiliate Marketing and I’m just starting my channel but after watching a few of your videos, I think I actually have a shot at this. Please continue doing what you’re doing. I hope I get the hang of it soon so I can give a success story thanks to you. Have a great day.

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