I will turn $170 into about $350 when its all said and done, not bad for about 35 minutes work.



Derek Lee says:

A little off topic but I took my first two thrift store trips this weekend. Paid $45 for a bunch of routers and dvd/vhs combos and have them listed for over $320! Thanks for the tips man!

susan jones says:

This is how you show people watching your video how it is done. Great job

Ilya Tovsky says:

@WalterBlakeKnoblock I noticed within the ProfitBandit app, you have “used” selected when in fact you are scanning brand new items…any reason for this?

Chlero's eyes says:

I scan a Walmart too and find the price is too high

Austin Hanna says:

Hey man don’t forget to scan everything with your Walmart app to. I’ve seen a lot of stuff that’s lower than the sticker shows

Bo Brady says:

what app are you scanning with?

Backcountrysportsmen says:

It would be nice if you weren’t a slob and actually pick things up you drop off the shelf. Stop being that guy brother and pick up the mess you make.

Spiritual Warrior says:

it’s good looking at something like this wen u r losing ur job n hope it really is helpful

Shaun Benson says:

If you are sending that soap into FBA how are you packaging it? Or do you just have to label each individual item?

Movie Reviewer says:

Love these videos

Hustle Beard says:

Did you say resellers certificate around 11:40 mark ?

Jagexr Jaggerjak says:

gotta be ungated in all this. …

Dale Neff says:

Another very good video. Learned a few things. thanks.

Spiritual Warrior says:

wat app u use to scan items?

spence 16 says:

Thanks for the video and great ideas!

Matt Termper says:

How do you go about getting a resellers certificate in Michigan?

Michael King says:

Is Amazon better than eBay these days?

FilmFactry says:

Can you follow up on how long this stuff took to sell, and if you got you profit estimate?

LiS Wright says:

What price scanner are you using?

mike Fruit says:

can you do a video on how to scan products?

Rafael Siles says:

What iPhone app is that?

Isaiah Fleming says:

golden content

Spiritual Warrior says:

welcome back

Michael King says:

I’ve wanted to do clearance reselling for years. I bought some acdc or something mugs once but ended up taking a loss of like a dollar cause i priced it wrong. I still have stuff i need to dig up and ive hit a couple Kmart’s going out when everything is 90 or 95 off. Not much left at that point but sometimes. I need to get more into this. Looks like a lot more fun than my current job and i have the mind for it if i learn the tricks. That app looks useful as heck

Spiritual Warrior says:

long time no see ur videos wat’s going on making money out of something that s great!

mrdigital30000 says:

What is the app you are using?

Spiritual Warrior says:

ok I got the name of the app real good videos u r a inspirational for future financial small business owners .

Cindy Y says:

This is very interesting, I’m a couponer and I sell that kind of stuff alot cheaper. I have tons of make up that doesn’t weigh much. I’ll have to check it out

Spiritual Warrior says:

wassup walter

Spiritual Warrior says:

am losing one of my partime jobs end of March I want to get started with eBay as soon as I can IAM sick of dead end minimum wage jobs Wholesale says:

Nice video Walter! Have you ever thought about getting a truckload of Walmart Toys and games? Nice video. Creating something out of nothing. Thumbs up!

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