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Kevin cortez says:

Tanner how will be able to do this when my niche is about Health and Fitness ?

Cody Zazulak says:

Great video, I started my BitCoin / Bitconnect / EthConnect channel this week!

HIT MAN says:

Thank you! I will remember you when I become a Billionaire

Coras Ⓥ says:

How can you automate the splitting of the funds? Do you actually have to manually go in and look to see, calculate how much the partner gets every month and then give them the split? How does the partner validate the integrity of that process?

Justin Blackburn says:

LOL Tanner u got some sniffles going on? J/K!! There’s simply no one else out there who can cover as much ground as you do in such a short amount of time… AND it is all relevant and honest. My wife and I are still learning but saving for our new years resolution to start with Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing, all thanks to finding you on YouTube! Great job man, keep up the good work!!

Moyo Onzo says:

Tanner J fox thank you so much for your info , you are really an excellent entrepreneur and I like to listen to you but can you please show us how we can grab traffic to our youtube channels and what is the name of the software that you use to follow and unfollow people automatically ?? please answer 🙂

Rotnimod says:

So blue and red lambo. And that pic looks photoshopped —- thinking —-

Daniel Reyes says:

All haters can say shit about tanner but the guy knows how to make money 🙂

Russell Jergensen says:

Tanner if somebody took action right now with affiliate marketing do you think they could be driving a 50 or $60,000 car by the end of this year?

Mitchell Russell says:

This guy making money online by teaching us how to make money online by teaching others how to make money online


bishap global86 says:

What about a broke 29 year old

A&M FBA says:

How do you go about the money when splitting profits? Do you set something up where whatever percent you each agree on it automatically gives that percent to you on each sale? Or do u gotta trust the other person to pay you?

zachary sanders says:

How much do you get when you sell a course for $500? (assuming you make the whole course yourself). Like, besides the teachable subscription, who else do i have to pay?

Nak Koe says:

How tall are you Tanner….Look like you’re 7ft tall??

Chileshe Chanda says:

Thank you

Ngiam Tee Ee says:

May I know what’s your thought about sales industry? Like real estate agent, financial advisor and etc. Do u need to hard sales as much as a regular sales person about being an online entrepreneur or not? My point is that I hope to hear your thoughts and perspectives about sales/ marketing people? Because people like grant cardone or patrick bet-david, they are salespeople and their ideology is that there are no such things like 4-hour workweek like what u do now. My questions is being an online entrepreneur will it bring u the longevity of the success like the salespeople do. I hope you can understand my English, this is not my first language, thanks!

Pablo Flores says:

Tanner great videos! One question can you receive your payments to PayPal on amazon associates?

Tanner J Fox says:




unrecognizedtalentz says:

Quick question I don’t own a computer … I have my iPhone 7 … will I be able to use scout jungle & SC Extension with it or do I have to purchase a desktop or laptop … thinking of a mac book pro.

Luke W says:

Awesome vid man! haha just 1 sub away from 1000! It’s about to get real today. I hope hahahah

Betim says:

You are the man! I love watching your videos gives me so much motivation!!

Dark Sword says:

Is this really a thing a normal teenager can achieve?

Money & Muscle says:

Excellent video mate! Does this require a landing page of some sort and also how do you go about list building is this also required?

Solo TurK says:

Tanner youre changing the game man. You have opened my eyes a lot since the beginning of your start on the tube. Much respect to you bro.

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