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Alex Goff says:

I tried retail arbitrage but I couldn’t find any good products to sell when looking through stores. What do u recommend?

Eric's FITNESS Tips says:

Everyone knows what to do but its the execution that matters. The majority of people don’t want to put in the work whenever there is no instant success. The crazy part is that unless you hit the lottery or come from money.. you WILL have to start at the bottom and work your way up. This is a great idea but In my opinion 99% of the people that watch will not take action. That is the secret. WORK

Long Nguyen says:

I’m trading stocks to make some profits rn. Hopefully I can buy your course next summer and start Amazon selling. Since u only offer 2 weeks of mentorship, I need to save those 2 weeks for when I can fully work on Amazon FBA

Gregg Walmsley says:


Good video. I’m looking for crap, now. I know I have about $2,000 worth the R/C car crap, I can sell. I need to get on it.

Jacob Strickland says:

You’re such a honest YouTuber. There’s not a lot like you

Andy Wafflez says:

Do I need an LLC for Amazon resale arbitrage ??

unknown profile says:

I had no idea there was a free section on craigslist….hmm I belive this means I officially have zero excuses.

TheInfamousTroll says:

Hey Tanner I have a great investment idea that’s right up your alley and I think you might be interested in. Is there anywhere I can message you privately?


Great video man. I specialize in taking people from 0-$500 so I really enjoyed this video. Probably going to do a vid on this and give you the credit of course.

Bobby Roehm says:

Great video, I literally flipped a pool table last week doing this.

bongkoy Lim says:

I sold two back packs I dont use anymore on Craigslist two weeks ago for $95.

Margot / Florida's Hidden Treasures says:

great video, thanks for sharing!

Wealthbuilderz TV says:

This is a great idea to use to build an existing business. Thanks for the idea.

Intelligent Money Investing says:

Hey Tanner, nice video! Did you see an influx in sales with prime day?

The Story of my Life says:

Craigslist is dying. My wife does this on FB marketplace.

Theodorul says:

Well im not from US, any substitutes? 🙂

DonOlek says:

Great video! Can we sell items we bought in stores and create a new listing? Because it’s not on Amazon. will not the brand of the product come after us?

Dan Lackey says:

Sometimes you say things that make me think I’m dumb. Like, DUH! Why am I not already doing that?

Oxdox says:

Tha candian version doesn’t have the “free” part… Any other ones?

Derek Peterson says:

What is the legality of retail arbitrage

Deborah Killion says:

Hey, Tanner!

My Amazon FBA Project says:

Why is it so difficult to make money online. I literally sat down with a pen and piece of paper.. wrote down some instructions, gave it to my mom and she made $300 in a week time from her PC, by following the instructions. Bear in mind probably the most difficult part for her was to crop a picture on paint…. There are hundreds of ways to make money online.. My mom can’t even speak english.. Cmon !

gek says:

Is craiglist works in Spain? Or is just in america?

Lauren Hazel Eyes says:

What a great idea! Thank you
Easy way to make $$

Eoin Twomey says:

Hey Tanner, I’m 16 and I recently started buying popular t shirts for sale online for around $10 and each one sells for around $30-35 on Facebook marketplace and eBay, should i keep doing this or is there better opportunities out there til I’m 18?

Jaime says:

Love the honesty, that’s what people need.

terez kazanjian says:

Nice video!
But after putting the item on ebay/Amazon or CL, shouldn’t it be marketed to be sold?
If yes, How do you go about that process? If no, How it gets sold by it’s own?

Lukas Kade says:

Or you can go to the labor section under jobs and get paid to help people move. The first time I got a moving job on CL the customer bought us pizza and sodas plus gave a $20 tip in addition to $10 an hour pay.

Jesse Mata says:

Great video tanner …looking forward to buying your course and learning FBA very soon

Jeffrey D says:

Companies will pay u to work at home, but the pay is low, like $3-5usd it comes out to. I “middle” this out to people on Fiverr who speak great English from Bangladesh and India. They work for half this amount.

Shaik mohammed Abdullah says:

I think Garyvee said this on his Instagram

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