The ONE Thing You MUST Know To Make Money Online

Alex becker covers the #1 reason why most people fail to make money online or start an online business


uri black says:

Cue thw Annoying Intro…

Hugh Thomas Lorch says:

Thanks .. I needed that..

Stefano F says:

great stuff

Sean Coyle says:

Anyone have thoughts on ad blockers and paid traffic?

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

So at first you say that HARD is great … then you say it’s too hard to be doing affiliate and that people should leave it aside ?

Logic 101

Alfred OG Kwak says:

I made 2 affiliate sites that make 10 bucks a month after 1 year. I felt good, but now i realize iam a fucktard, This aint going nowhere. Gotta step up my game. You made absolute sense with this vid. Its a learning proces xD

Richard Longoria says:

What did you promote when you were on source wave? I’m confused about what affiliate marketing is.

Daniel Kilasi says:

i was in tearssss. lmaoo

Mikey Aesthetics says:

Like if Bakers ads play way too often

Sariel Mazuz says:

Goldmine. Keep it up Alex!

Tom Hardawain says:

There was 4 days left on your giveaway and now it’s 17 wtf?

Storyteller says:

hahahhahah i love this video (y)

Syreese Delos Santos says:

How much would it cost to hire/develop a product like something on Source Wave, Market Hero or Konker?

RP says:

tap water… wtf Becker? Get a fucking fluoride filter on that shit!

Gdbndjsjd Fnrnrnjrkfn says:

Bro stay of the damn ads your already rich stay in your riches yo cunt

sames xv says:

hi fuck face … could you make a video about how to host unlimited websites for free… that will be nice from you …

oree sama says:

Amazing video Just one question about stok’s you’re in it or not


Alex, your content is exceptionally helpful in guiding me as I begin my entrepreneurial ventures. Even the people who comment on here have content on their YouTube channels that I am learning from. Thank you for sharing this useful information!

unknown name says:

Alex I stop watching your video because now I’m doing penny stock! And every time I’m on YouTube I keep see all your different ads. Damn sooo annoying. P.s I tried affiliate it’s pretty hard. You need “traffic”and “money” and the rest are basic things

Cameron Cole says:

I’m glad that you are my mentor:)

Kmuree says:

I still don’t know why the fuck do you need an elevator in your house

RP says:

already started up my own products and website lol ;p finally ahead of the FUCKTARD curve!

Random Tandems says:

1 word… BITCOIN

najam ali says:

But I love affiliate marketing I am currently doing CPA marketing with Instagram and got 55 accounts and I put it on a software which follows 300 to 400 accounts from each account and got my affiliate link in the bio of each account. So far it’s bringing me $426 profit every day. Keep in mind mostly on autopilot. So I don’t care whatever that company is doing hahahahaha

Patrick Edgar says:

Bro! You should’ve of a meet up.

Brendan McBride says:

So it’s a pyramid scheme

Website Designer Pro says:

Create on product and then get other fucktards to sell it for you. Got it.

Joshua Elder says:

This was some epic information bro – most people don’t read between the lines and see what the real message is here. Go where there is less competition and more difficulty. I will say this though – Free methods CAN work really well if you’re willing to dive deep into mastering SEO strategies and put in the REAL work instead of going for the same keywords and half assing optimization. I built my multiple 6 figure business off of free YouTube strategies. I can honestly say its probably one of the few free strategies and platform not everyone is competing on.

Arturo Franco says:

bro you need to stfu with the youtube ads
ive been subbed to you since 10k but this shit is actually annoying

SB SB says:

HEY ASSHOLE , why I have to watch you during my videos.. Your face makes me wanted to punch you after seeing so many times.. Can You Fuck Off from my videos?

Gerasim says:

Why does have to be a fuckin 2 minute ad with your face after every video on my music playlists for fucks sake

Kevin Pierce says:

Just launched my course today that teaches people to sell on amazon. We will see how it goes!

Grig Duta says:

man i love the video

Josh Bedo says:

1:05 is pretty much how my video recordings go… I try to explain something that should be easy and i fuck up multiple times and have to do multiple takes. What should’ve been 30 minutes ends up taking 2 hours. Then i finally show someone and they say i need a longer video *facepalm*

On that note i’m always curious on how many takes people like you and others have to do to get videos out the door.

Jordan Hunter says:

Lol, subbed for “swamp of fucktards”.

Ionicguy says:

Lol Alex, everyone knows Shopify is the new swamp of fucktards…

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