The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income – 4 Ways to Make Money Online (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED)

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The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income – 4 Ways to Make Money Online (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED)

Passive income — the holy grail. Picture setting systems in place today – so you profit tomorrow. and for months, even years to come.

If you’re someone who’s willing to invest a little bit of work up front, this can be extremely powerful way to subside your income (extra couple hundred a month? got to a nice dinner, pay off debt, take a trip you couldn’t otherwise afford) or completely REPLACE your income (work from anywhere in the world, no limits grow exponentially).

I’ve done both of those stages. and as someone in the second stage This video has ONE goal: Cut down the learning curve for you. Learn methods that are instantly possible — don’t waste time spinning wheels. Special bonus for you at the end. Keep watching.

Here are my FOUR favorite Passive Income Methods for beginners.

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1. YouTube Videos
-Create what I call “video assets”
– The BEST way to do this is to serve people.
-Build a relationship with them
-72% all content will be video on the internet by 2019 *Cisco

2. Affiliate Marketing
-Look into Amazon Associates
-Look into Clickbank products to promote

3. Kindle Publishing
-Create short (6,000-10,000 word) ebooks and publish them to the kindle store.
-You Don’t have to write them
-K Money Mastery Course:

4. Online Courses
Self-Hosted (UGTKAJ)
Provider Hosted
Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable

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*Earnings Disclaimer*

Income statements made by this video are ONLY estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.


Chauncey Vickers says:

Your always making the best videos! Love your work and keep it up!

Alexander Nilsson says:

I just made a promise to myself last week that within a year I’m going to be financially self supported thorugh creating different sorts of passive incomes – so perfect timing there Clark, thanks!

Wesley Lavinder says:

God damn Clark! Too my value in this video. Value overload. Very inspirational and eye-opening content. Thank you for sharing and all you do.

fornavn Efternavn says:

<-- number 3

Clark Kegley says:

Hey, all! I know I’ve been extra quiet this month… you’ll see why in the upcoming weeks 🙂 Thanks for all your support. Here’s a video on a heavily requested topic: Passive Income. I’ve experimented with dozens of methods of this over the past five years, here are my four favorites. Hope this video speeds up your learning curve and opens your eyes to a few new opportunities around you. Be sure you download my FREE 100% FULL ebook on how to make passive income with youtube videos ►

Much love!
stop settling start living

StupeflixDnBMusic says:

Good quality content man!

gita munshi says:

Hi Clark, Nice breakdown on making money online. I like the kindle publishing method. I am going to try the course.

Johnny Reid says:

do i need a llc or can i just use a sole proprietorship to run ads and use yourtube to market my stuff or other products i like?

Gary O'Brien says:

Really appreciate your complete honesty Clark. It seems alot of Youtubers get a bit uncomfortable disclosing money made. Your book summaries are rackinggg up views from myself. So valuable!



thanks for ur content

Francis Hill says:

Clark, I have been watching your videos for sometime. Great content, you are going to make it, keep pushing.

Rewind Remix NCS says:

Good video

Weirdly Made says:

Thanks for such a transparent view of your income Clark.

Speaking of passive income… are Refusing to Settle shirts a possibility 🙂

arabic light says:

hey Clark, I ‘be been following you for a month now, I love your videos ,thanks to you, I have a question : Is it possible for someone like me ( Egyptian) to make money from YouTube? because I just started a YouTube channel and I’ve heard that my country is restricted or something like that. can anyone make money on YouTube , is there a way out?
thank you.

FlexKing Fitness says:

Nice value as always any YouTubers want to support each other?????

Alex Cabrera says:


Diego Miranda says:

Best video so far Clark, thank you for the transparency of the content you share! Do you have any advice for feeling like I’m not any authority to give help videos, especially my first one, how do I overcome that insecurity?

Johnny Reid says:

thanks clark, lol once again love your stuff.

yomasmas says:

Clark what is that awesome dashboard? Is it part of VidIQ?


can u make a video on
SHARE MARKET how to understand and invest in stocks

plz make a video on it

Patrick Ventur says:

Great and honest content! Thank you

Fischer Bacher says:

Are you related to Carlos Danger?That’s kind of just a joke. I do like your vids.

Low Sodium Gluten Free. says:

The site where people write your articles. I give them a summary of my original idea and they write the article based on that? What about short fantasy stories? Or is it only information articles? Your video has shown me the light to making extra money.

Carl's Cinema says:

Awesome video and tips Clark! Perfect timing as well since i just got started and uploaded my first video a day ago. Keep up the good work!

Dami says:

Excellent video, Clark! It was very helpful 🙂

Rock Class 101 says:

Great video Clark! Looking forward to the course 🙂

Gurpreet Sachdeva says:

congrats for 73k. I was the one who said you, why your subscribers are stucked at 36k.
Keep it up!!

Practical Psychology says:

Your videos are getting better and better, I predict at least 650,000 subscribers by Jan 1 2018 if you keep this up 🙂

Natalia Sorto says:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

MartinMo88 says:

But can you really have ad revenue from YouTube at the same time you link to products and advertise your own stuff in the video?

HotSauceStain says:

Clark, do you have to register a special kind or Youtube account to be monetized, or when do you start being monetized?

Travis Kraft says:

I have a video with over 140 million views but it has made no money.

TSS NCS says:

Good vid

MisterBassBoost says:

Lovely content! Keep it up!

Sylvester Heath says:

Great stuff. Making extra cash online can be extremely easy (as long as you find the right technique). I haven’t found an easier money making site than this one right here: *Bludos . c om* and I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. Even newbies are getting amazing results with this. Hope this helps.

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