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Naveen Tech says:

First like

Waffle Daily says:

Don’t let this distract you from how I produce waffles every day

edi says:

Some jobs unfortunately won’t allow it. I’m a chemist and that requires for most of us hanging out next to chemical industry or research facilities.

The Life Formula says:

If you are creative, a graphic designer might also work!

Discover Your Awesomeness says:

*You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. ₩*

Motivação Para Todos says:

* create a youtube channel

Madyati says:

It’s a quite difficult things to achieve but after achieving it, it becomes the most satisfying things to achieve. PP is uploading a good amount of video in such a small span of time and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

fanelo hlophe says:


Brent Pilgrim says:

What about programmers or software developers?

Acesiz Official says:


SunnyA says:

Software Developer…

Starcore Labs says:

This is an 8 minute sales pitch for a Copywriting course. The implication is, if you purchase the course you too can be free to work from anywhere.

The video is a high quality. The presenter is extremely well-spoken and persuasive. The premise of the video is that anyone can pick one of these professions and start their own freelance business.

It assumes a lot of preexisting business knowledge and skill.

Basic business questions include:
– How do you setup a freelance business, will you form an LLC, S-Corp, or Corporation?
– Where will you register your business?
– What’s the difference between revenue and profit?
– How will you pay yourself?
– How do you create a legally binding freelance contract?
– How do you manage invoices and pay taxes? Especially if you move to a different country with different laws, money, and tax codes.
– The most fundamental question; How do you find clients and convince them to buy your services? Not just once, but on a reliable basis to make a living without killing yourself working 24/7 for pennies competing with large companies.

Selling a copywriting course might help some learn how to become a better writer. But does it teach any of necessary skills to start and manage a successful freelance business?

Best Daily Offers says:

If a person is passionate about doing their job, then they will go far. Whether it is a social media influencer or a web developer.
-Thank you for all your amazing videos.

BetterLife Project says:

The jobs:
1. Web Developer
2. Digital Marketer
3. Virtual Assistant
4. Consultant
5. Customer Support Representative
6. Language Teacher
7. Copywriter(Check the description for more info)
8. Photographer

Btw if you like these animated self-help videos, I actually just started a new channel like Practical Psychology that set you on the course to a BetterLife! Check it out 🙂

Simon G. says:

I’m not really convinced by this job routine. Of course theres things one might be able to do more effective alone, like getting your own ideas done. However, you wont be able to achieve as much respect/promotions in your job if you are never actually present.

El Dromedario says:

¡ Grateful to you ! ¡ Have a fantastic life !

Popescu Ionut says:

Financial auditor – well paid


There are so many high paying jobs that can be done through the Internet that the school system never taught us.

Sathvik Narayan says:

Will I get the copy wright kit course if I join your PGA

Tobey W says:

I just experienced the Baader-Meinhoff-Phenomenon. I have been reading about digital nomads for the past couple days. Crazy 🙂

TheGoldenBlade says:

do u mean high ticket closing by no. 5?

MotiveVideoBook says:

Wow that’s a great life style indeed-!

Home Business University says:

A lot of young people need to first change their paradigm, that mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour.

Jessica says:

I am currently doing research on hiring freelancers in online labor markets and would love for some people with interest in the topic to take part in my quick (5-7mins) online experiment: Big thank you in advance to all supporters, you are seriously awesome!! <3

Do It Better Make It Faster says:

I’m a homeless person.

Cash In With Passion says:

Great Video! Awesome Ideas! I like sharing money making ideas on my channel too. Keep up the great information. Thank you.

Flashback says:

Hello, Why you reach is very down in the last videos ?

Dennis Diasen says:

Hi, I would like to invite you to promote your videos and attract viewers for FREE. It’s easy just copy and paste your link in this category.

Thank you.

Fahad Waqar says:

Thx for this helpful information.

Pola Vahler says:

Keep in mind none of this will matter and work for you unless you change your attitude to life, work on your work ethic and discipline. Doing freelance and being your own boss looks great on the outside but in reality it’s harder than a job. Most of the Instagram influences who inspire you to do freelance don’t ever mention this.

bavid savage A says:

Could i teach programing languages intead of english or other languages?

Motivação Para Todos says:

The secret is to sell the secret.

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