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If you’re looking to make more money or looking to start a business then this video is for you. The truth is the best opportunity of 2018 is to start an online business without a doubt. Now athough this video doesn’t teach you how to start an online business or work from home it will teach you the importance of starting an online business for sure.

Most entrepreneurs who are looking to make money online don’t know where to start and that’s why Samir Chibane decided to record this video. Samir never started an online business until he got a hold of Shopify and drop shipping products from Ali Express.

Starting an internet business in 2018 is easier than ever because there is so many online business ideas. but if you need some online business ideas than Samir would recommend you look into Shopify for sure.

If Shopify dropshipping is not for you then you can look into Amazon FBA like Tanner J Fox teaches. You can checkout his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjXKRwV7Dss&t=135s

I would also recommend you look at Alex Becker’s Channel:

Tai Lopez also has some really good information on how to make money online:

Also checkout the Deadbeat Super Affiliate channel:


Samir Chibane is a college dropout that became young entrepreneur who went from broke to building a 7 figure online business all thanks to internet marketing and ecommerce. He has made killing on Shopify and make money from home and also make money while traveling. Samir has made a commitment to document and share his journey to the top. He hopes to touch millions of young entrepreneurs through his personal struggles, failures, and successes.

Samir is breaking out of obscurity by providing more value and relevant content than anyone else!

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Samuel Muthama says:

Appriciate all the content and value that you drop !

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Any knowledge you give us is great ….whether it’s drop shipping or not !!

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Dope versace robe.. hope to have one one day.

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Amazing content bro big up

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Chibane gang

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Awesome video!! Gotta get a piece of the pie

Ronnie Pollard says:

WHATS UP SAMIR, so i have a question I never yeard anybody ask, including myself, I started my first shopify store and unfortunantely didn’t make any profits even after my trial was up and I paid the $30. What I was thinking though is, how should my store be set up while im testing products, should it be general because I picked a niche that I thought was pretty specific but according to google is was kind of “not trending but was in style” (ties)….i didnt have much capital for advertising so i made a fan page…i really think though my store should have been set up differently while testing products…what do you think based off the info i just gave you….??….by the way I been subscribed and watching since juan was experimenting with ecommerce, just dnt have the cash 4 p2p just yet…waiting on taxes ! Ha

wuz beast says:

versace robe lookin like a boss

chioma agu says:

Would love to win ! I already put Shopify and drop shipping on my vision board for 2018, this just might the opportunity I need to get there !

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Hey bro please choose me for the P2P accelerator. I need that info!

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Samir im very interested in your accelerator program’Can you guy accept 2 payment plan Please let me know ASAP

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Awesome value bro

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You can’t remove your shop password in first 13 day trial



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Samir Chibane says:

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You’re the goat bro. Keep spitting value!

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Great content. I’m launching my Shopify store this weekend

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You already we blowing up baby ! #chibanegang

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2018 securing the bag

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Ayo samir salam aleykum bro bless me wit the p2p bro

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Changing the game Samir!

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Like how objective and informative this is.

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The everyday grind life. You keep me motivated bro

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