1 Major Reason You Struggle To Make Money Trading

Do you ‘know’ what to do but cannot apply it when trading in real time? If so, then watch this video as I’ll teach you 1 reason why you struggle to make money trading.


Carl Schmidt says:

Awesome Video, so if we are a student, just keep doing the classes over and over and this will come? Am I thinking right about this?

roboXfire says:

it took me 3 years lol

sallyunderwood66 says:

Hi Chris and thanks for a perfectly timed video!

I have been away from the course for months now but since I started trading again I have encountered exactly this situation. No amount of watching training videos, taking screen shots and analysing my trades makes any difference at this stage (in fact it just seems to make things worse as I am focusing on missing out and mistakes).

The best course of action must be to repeat my trades using the correct entries and exits on ForexTester so that my brain experiences winning and executes the trades properly in real time (albeit it simulated real time). I have been really resistant to doing this because it seems that my brain would far rather focus on what went wrong rather than how to do it right.

Thanks again, Sally
– looking forward to participating on the site again

Jack Perkins says:

Loved how this was edited with no pauses in speech while you were talking, it felt like you were downloading wisdom bombs straight into my brain! 😀 I can definitely resonate with the message here as I have been through that stage of trading for sure, but now I can feel my mind is a lot more assured and a lot quieter. It has taken a long time, and there’s a ways to go, but upon reflection there is definitely growth here all thanks to your teachings. Thanks for this and for all the work you do for us over at 2ndSkies, have a great Easter holiday Chris! Kind regards

Daniel Gregory says:

Great video! Makes perfect sense.

Hooman Surani Yancheshmeh says:

yeah… I’ve had such experiences too. Understanding new things make a lot of questions… At first, it seems complicated.
However based on a good map and through creating new ideas and practice more and more, we can proceed in the process of wiring our brain.
So “may the brain be with us” :))

Mohan Patel says:

how can wire something into the brain which is not present at there?????

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