$40 Into $600 Trading The News – How To Make Money Fast Trading Weekly Options

If you want to make money fast trading options, then you might want to look toward trading weekly options. Sadly though, this is the worst form of option trading, as it is the most riskiest. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the earnings potential of these contracts. I go over a recent play turning $40 into $500. I go over why I did the play and how you can use the weekly options and shorter expiration dates to make plays like this. I also discuss why it is so risky and the event that would have led to my total loss. Beyond that though, the most important part, which I included from the live, is how I used the news in real time to respond and make a trade, A lot of new traders are ignorant to how the world around us, news and politics can effect the stock market and miss out on easy catalysts millions of other investors are paying attention to. It’s a long video as always, so let me know what you think and how I can clarify any things you guys are still confused about!

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Mobb Boy Dre says:

Can you do a small account challenge

Layne Bouche' says:

Thank you

Sergio Perez says:

Nice brotha i see you put it to work. I will meet you sometime

Peanut Jelly says:

I bought 2 weekly call options for SQ at a strike price of $55 for 40 cents each on Thursday but I sold it at the open on Friday cuz I thought the market would reverse after the premarket pop at the open. I was so upset cuz the option price went up more than $4. Now I am a believer of the option insanity… Krazyyyy!!!!

Jay cee says:

Any updates on the next week gap down??

Tanner stull says:

can you make a video on trying to make some profit on smaller amounts up front, some of these calls or puts are very expensive, don’t have enough money to buy a two week call on appl at 440$

Jose Garcia says:

I guess for some people trading on the news is good,back then in our offices in CHICAGO no one was aloud to trade on news……………..because it really made no difference,you might think it does but no,not really………….

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