90% of traders lose money… So how to be in the top 10%?

90% of traders lose money… http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Lose-money.html So how to be in the top 10%? Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments. What are the bad habits to avoid? What are some trading mistakes to avoid? Is trading forex, indices and commodities a giant casino? Decide on a strategy that looks after all elements of money management. You’ve got to manage losses and you need to have a system that will make more money than it loses. Patterns are probably the most important technical analysis tool for me. If you’ve found this video useful, please click the like button and share it with your friends and remember to SUBSCRIBE to remain up-to-date!


robert ward says:

Trading always reminds me about bearings bank Nick Leeson, I don’t think it’s for me, it’s like Horse racing betting.

Mustafa Mirza says:

10% of something is better than 100% of nothing, that’s pretty much the game of a retail trader. You try to compete with the top professionals, you will lose money every time because their game is set up and yours not.

MrTruth111 says:

Couple of months ago I started trading, I watched 8 hours non stop on a $100.- trade, I lost $5.- , the trading fee and exchange rate…. Buying two beers on a sunny afternoon also costs $5.-:)

benward bruce says:

I see so many comments and and all that, well nice video but it’s still very important to have a mentor

MrTruth111 says:

Doesn’t this equally apply to conventional stocktrading?

guen lawrence says:

nice one

Cheddar Life TV says:

2:35…..If you lose 20% of your equity I think you need to make back more than 25% to recover the losses….More like 33%

jack boba says:

bald as a Cucumber that’s why you should not trade….

Klaus Makaneta says:

no matter how many of this stupid videos i watch i still loose trades an i cant seem to understand a thing, am starting to think people who trade successfully are just lucky! ***k trading

Lex Luthor says:

Wow!!! Gennady the loan shark become a forex trader.
NZT-48 is real!!

Joynul Haque says:

Ive made more money trading from my phone than i have from my six monitors at home. As long as you have an entry and exit signal/strategy and you can manage your lot sizing, thats all you need as i have made £4200 in less than a month and thats with a 5% risk per trade.

Money Up! says:

I dont know why 90% loses so much they stop.
Even without a system in the past i was succesfull. Nowadays ive awakened a bit..
Still its important to do it in small steps and not take up to great a position.
Even i and my mentor get wrong a lot of times. But of from 10 times 7-8 times are succesfull its on.

K L says:

The 10% actually research the companies FIRST, have a strong bankroll management, and take advantage of their findings. They also don’t day trade or otherwise the commissions can drastically add up to losses. They also AVOID messing around with penny stocks.

uniikkiz says:

Trading consistently and profitably requires a very developed learning capability, working memory, reasoning ability, emotion management, innovative thinking skills and the ability to simultaneously address several problems. Its actually scary how closely these traits are connected to the traits they test in actual IQ tests. I bet one could find successful traders have a very high IQ. Statistics confirm that 10% are successful. You must have the IQ in the top 10% and that would be 121 or more to be successful. Case closed.

Swazi Gamalethu says:

this guy is legit that a real trader

francesco arbia says:

all the tools in trading the markets, are essentially a waste of time,
unable, useless.
you might as well use a cristall ball to try and predict the future.
what we do in real life is to place a bet on the market,
i repeat , we place a bet, we can speculate, with our vews and beliefs
we have no control what so ever in any shape or form on the outcome of
the bet.
we cling to indicators and lots of screens, to please our psyche, so
when we do get a bet, we have the illusion that it was because we are
intelligent traders.
when in reality we were just lucky.
the only skill we can be proud to posses is :
the tecnical part of the bet, the money management, how we enter and how
we exit ,the risk reward aspect of the bet
.there is no good traders,
there is just sensible traders.
the day you understand what you are actually doing “trading”
is the day you will start to make money.

Neilrrc37 says:

I have my own strategy, I basically just limit my exposure to any stock I’m not sure of. If I feel confortable about it later and see a trend, then I’ll just increase my exposure or add to my position. Two small commission fees is so much better then losing a pile of money, trying to make a lot money in the market on a single trade. (**Trade Secret**) I don’t think any can teach you this stuff, you just have to a plan a strategy before your start. Don’t try and steer and drive the market by the seat of your pants, your almost guaranteed to lose money.

i -ritical says:

it’s not possible. it’s unhealthy emotionally when you take a stop loss. beside it’s lonely. get a 9 to 5 job that pays above 70k. overall life’s better.

RS D says:

well not to lose money first u can avoid this broker plus500.This plus500 site such a scam..once deposit money and trade for weeks and then if you try to withdraw ,they suspend your account ,take all your profit and give your deposit back saying terms and conditions .overall you end up making money for them and if you lose by trading i guess they make money off you anyway…i switched IG way better legitimate company..and plus500 hates scalping and hedging pretty much everything that will make u win

SJ Custom says:

I trade on people’s psychology

Jason Blum says:

90% of the people who follow this guys guidance will lose money. Just saying’…

hamed ghasemi says:

Pure gambling. Forex can destroy u, mentally and financially. Take my advice

Seth B says:

I am not getting rich but I am not losing any money either. I have losses that are going to be very useful for putting against some stupid tax deferred BS investments sold to my parents by so called professional financial advisors, and I need to amend some filings to carry some other losses, courtesy of those same advisors. One of these bastards disappeared on me. It turned out he had been arrested for a stupid street fight, but never bothered to call any of his clients, so I am done with these so called professional advisors. Things I have learned. If a brokerage house gives a stock an A rating it is just as safe as cash, and just about equally as likely to increase in value. It won’t! You may as well stuff money in a jar and bury it. Their evaluation is: It made money in the past, and that is why they gave it their “A rating”. Un rated stocks, foreign tech stocks doing new unique things, have always done very well for me, but I need to understand what they are doing, technologically. If it is viable, it is always a winner. ARCM was just snatched up by global giant General Electric. Those 900-1000% gains offset the other risks I take, that don’t work out. Day trading is for suckers! Tax deferred annuities are for suckers. The world is filled with sucker bets. It is also filled with traders that had a lucky streak, made some money. Now they have made up a “system” and are willing to sell you their system for a price. This has now become their primary source of income, and their system may as well be “how to pick winning lottery numbers”.

Takashi Murakami says:

When you care more in how to manage drawdown of active trade in progress, instead of giving importance in making profits, then you start understanding what the trade is about. You start understanding the importance of time-frame, the size of each partial bet to place vis-à-vis your capital size, and how long you should wait out or in to enter or to exit a trade; how and when to pyramid your position, and then, loses and profits will behave as you expect to behave and you can keep your emotion totally out of equation. Drawdown oriented trade with correct risk management are what you should focus on for a higher probability trade. Temporary losses during a trade are natural outcomes to manage. Nobody can avoid losses; but how you handle losses make all the difference I share my above belief with you based on my experience in trade.

Currency Strength Strategy Academy says:


Joseph Watkins says:

Awesome tips, I’ve subscribed. Thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

Callum Tait says:

Does anyone get fucking triggered when they look through all the forums and see people saying “this brokers stealing from me they took a swap fee, thats stealing, they’re a scam for this blah fuckin blah” get the FUCK. out of any sort of currency trading u stupid cunts before ANTON KREIL SLITS YOUR THROAT FOR BEING AN UNEDUCATED WHINING SUCK CUNT LOOSER.

Eson Li says:

My winning formula with swing trading:
1) Follow same 8-10 stocks that are fundamentally sound, ideally leaders of their respective markets.
2) Wait for fundamentals (P/E, P/B, Div Yield, ROE) to hit your target levels
3) Identify technical signals to go long at the swing bottom, for example, wait for momentum divergence, double bottom, or first higher low, MACD histogram to turn around or go from negative to positive, and EMA10 > EMA15 or Price Bar hits above EMA15
4) Set initial stop loss and first profit target based on swing low/high or use EMA. You can use 1:1 or 1:2 risk-reward ratio to set your target if the price has been moving within a channel. I usually do not use a hard stop. Sometimes I even double the bet if I have strong conviction to hold the company.
5) Take partial profit when price hits first target and then ride the trend by raising stop level along the way
6) Do not go long when market is still sliding down. Wait for price to rebound
7) Size your trade according to volatility and do not bet significant portion of your portfolio on day 1. Increase the position when the price dips but not hits below the previous low. Fine tune your parameters as you get more experience
8) Buy VIX future to hedge your long exposures in case of market correction
9) Note that with this method you won’t get the opportunity to trade every day or even week. I usually get in with high conviction after the market corrected at least 10%. You get this chance 2-3 times a year. Do not force yourself to enter into a position unless you are willing to hold the stocks for months, although it would usually take several weeks to get out if the trend works in your favor.
10) You should make 20-35% return a year with this method with 65-75% winning rate.
11) Do not follow advice from news and analysts. They induce fear in the market. You cannot have conviction to enter a long position when you are infected with pessimism in the media. Focus on the numbers (historical ratios) and the support levels from previous weeks or months.
12) Be careful if you trade US stocks during earnings season. Price can move drastically after the announcements. Hedge with weekly options if necessary.

Alistair Milner says:

My experience of the stock market and I’ve been following it since 1985/86 is that it is total bollocks. I bet if somebody did the maths they’d find if you took all the money that had ever been invested (allowing for inflation and dividends reinvested as well) then took the total value of said stock market now one would find the second value was a lot less than first. One reason being all the tossers that milk/skim/scalp the system every day thus denying the average simple man, investor, pensioner their right ful return on the investments they made. Nowhere else in ‘the real world’ could anybody get away with the bullshit that is allowed or cynically justified in todays modern stock market environment, short selling being another example.
On top of that you have the out right deception and fraud perpetrated on the average investor that buys in in good faith and why would they not. Just 3 examples I invested in, RBS, Kazakmyhs, Tesco, all three lying through their teeth both in their ‘PLC’ accounts (bullshitting accountants) and directly to investors in the case of RBS. I would warn all financial idiots out there that I stand in the way of justice, and I will not hold on forever, the mob would have you all thrown out of your top floor windows. I’ve given you all years yet still you fail to repent and are still at it now with the short selling of sterling on the foreign exchange. i could if I chose unlock the gates of hell at any point. Beware the false prophets (profits) of capitalism!

Mridul Seth says:

one of the few traders who didn’t have an attitude or have the urge to showoff how much money he made .. the most sincere trader i’ve seen so far when it comes to explaining trading

sidharth chand says:

My big mistake is I sell to quick, I sold Facebook after i bought it after IPO and after I bought Citibank in 08 I sold it only for a couple dollar per share profit vs if I had held it I would have had 10k right now 🙁 By the way Im not a day trader I trade Longer term investment’s

GeoffAAA says:

I can see how if you just do a few… only that few perfecto looking short trades that very rarely appear but might a few times in a day in very short term it might work with big money on one. I’ve seen those in the short term… I find they’re rare. But I could imagine someone could hold themselves back and make it work.. and wait for a bit of confirmation if possible.

Generally if one trades short term like that expecting to trade many trades a day… its just too unpredictable though I think. One ends up placing trades and the market does weird things.. such as you’ll be following a trend, everything looks great… suddenly an unpredictable large candle will smash through the support, right into the stop.. then push back to form a tail. This to me indicates my strategy was correct (trend was maintained)… the market could not establish a footing there… however a fluctuation randomly took it there briefly… and you can’t easily predict that stuff! You could set a bigger stop, but then of course you’d want a bigger take profit, because one never has a bigger sl than tp… and that’s not always feasible depending on predicted next level of resistance where it’ll likely turn around.

I find… I trade many small trades based on longer term data. Each trade in itself doesn’t affect my psychology as much, because they’re numerous and small. I’m mindful not to trade one currency in the same direction in multiple pairs… try to hedge if i can. My strategy will overall win out nearly every time. For example I have 10 trades going, seven are in profit, 3 are slightly in the red and being held by support or resistance I had already established. If I see one of those defy that support I may either reverse or kill the trade.

I think because its similar principals in short term and long term the short term is definitely best place to develop trading skills and unfortunately pain makes learning so much quicker…

You’ve got to be emotionally detached from the currency fluctuations to trade the trends. That’s hard when you have too much invested in one trade. If you’re a winner many trades will cover each other.

Hayden Harris says:

As the disclaimer quite clearly states, its a big gamble! and logically that gamble is in a totally random market when It comes to the forex scenario.

Hayden Harris says:

This presenter describes total gambling win or loose. Benefiting from charts and patterns are an adult fantasy.

Adam J says:

You cant tell someone how to trade without going over whats most important. Inflation, interest rates, market sentiment, and whats doing in the bond and commodity markets. I believe in technical analysis and trading based on technical analysis. But if your trading away on technical analysis alone, and have no idea the yield curve is inverting – your flying blind.

gawis 2016 says:

where can i start trading? a legit trading account please

jay nagas says:

is Hitman a trader?

rambow70 says:

You just kind of reworded having a system, managing losses, which is fine but what are some good tips for seeing trends? Like the first 30min of the day, when it can be make or break for a lot of $3-7 “penny stock”? I am asking that because I don’t have the equity to make more solidified trades.

jokur says:

this five minute video is better than reading 20 books on trading if you can apply it

i -ritical says:

it’s impossible. make sure you have a regular job for income. because doing this is unhealthy and lonely. find a job that pays over 70k and live happily.

xilllllix says:

One look at this guy and you know he can trade.

Live Stocker says:

Looks like a nice H3 setting up on the chart.

veti says:

Did anyone think of Assassin’s Creed or Hitman?

Wrends Wrends says:


ThePharaohsCat says:

+Mark Evans I would second this. Depends though on what kind of trader you are and what trading style you are comfortable with. Some people can’t devote the screen time due to other commitments. I have a number of strategies but my two most profitable were my “Smash & Grab” and Swing set and forget trades. Smash & Grab is almost like scalping, but using a 15min~30min time frames  not just shaving a couple of pips. I recall chatting to a guy I met in London who was building a software trading system with a partner. We sat next to each other in the library whilst he tested it with a couple pennies here and there. I had told him earlier about an AUDJPY set up I’d spotted on the 4H chart. He was genuinely shocked when I shut my laptop down just before lunch, as he had just spied a £650+ trade executed in 5 minutes. “You done for the day?”, he asked. “Yes I said. That’s me all done.” Always best not to get greedy.

I call mine Smash & Grab. As +Mark Evans said, “get in and get out” quickly like a thief and you can survive the game.

Mike Sdt says:

90% losing money the biggest lie in forex . if this many people lose money why there too much trader in the forex and every day we see new people starts trading in the forex ?

Brickstun Ram says:

I watched this video a year and a half ago when I started trading. I was a filter for bs even then. Now after learning so much, i can assure you it is still solid advice.

muffdriver69 says:

I like how he says that it isn’t gambling in the end and at the end it shows a disclaimer stating that you are probably likely to lose anyway lol.

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