Bitcoin Basics (Part 5) – “How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin”

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In this video I’m going to talk about my favorite subject – how to make money trading Bitcoin. As a professional trader, I think I bring a unique perspective to trading Bitcoin, which is probably why I’ve nailed 5 trades in a row.

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Stephen says:

great vid. thank you

ToStand says:

ok but how can you make money from bitcoin aside from trading it ? (there’s mining but from what i’ve read, i’d need a server farm to actually make profit lol)

ZVTV says:

You must be the first trader I have heard say that it is OK to mix strategies. I trade short and long but was beginning to think it was anathema.

Stefan Holzner says:

Thanks to this Tutorial I started a new better life, started 2016 with trading myself! Thank you Chris!!

I learned to trade in the year 2016 with Bitcoin aswell and was more or less succesful on Kraken and Poloniex.
Later that year I started to trade also with another crypto currencies and learned a lot, the most important thing is to get early the right signals from the marcet and to react fast, but at the end it is always a thing about how much emotions influence you.
Than thanks god a professional trader suggested me a company which are working together with 6 of the most proffesional Crypto-Currencie Trader worldwide. You can invest into this company and you get back till to 29,7% a month and later (planed around April) they will publish an app for all kind of OS and offer schoolings to every investor and partner. Looking fortwarth to learn a lot from this outstanding company while they work with my invested money.

I can really recommend this offer to everybody out there, if you have some questions feel free to ask me at anytime over the contact field. Take a look -> and keep the trade! =)

marcos vinicius machadofonseca says:


Jason Previlon says:

Is Kraken a good place to trade on the margin. Also, are there any resources out there to help lay people recognize trends? I have traded before, back in middle school with my Uncle, but I am out of practice. Thanks for the informative vid.

KurtleTheTurtle says:

so you buy low sell high?

Agro BK says:

Latest ways on how to make $50 – $100 Daily online (2016)!
Just Google *”chriseo online money machine”*, sign up for free, go through the training and contact me when ready to SET UP your campaign properly

harish naidu says:

chris dunn,

i am from india,and i have one clarification whether can i trade BTC from INDIA

Andrei Craciun says:

Please give us ebook not physical book.

First name Last name says:

You Chris! Do you think its possible to earn a full time income from trading crypto currency?

Tilen Thaler says:

Can you explain the candle chart, please. What do the intervals stand for?

Patrick Odoherty says:

Hey Chris, Is Etoro a good place to start trading as an amature?

skaruts says:

Where do you see what the herd is doing? Forums, chats, news?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, I haven’t watched any other videos of yours and maybe you explain that there…

patrickonb says:

Hi Chris, do you have a referrer code for bitfinex? Going to signup, will use your referrer code if you have one. Thanks for the tutorials!

whatdoyouseehere says:

I margin lend

James Mullen says:

How much money can you make with this compared to bitcoin mining.

Mpampis Kaisaris says:

free btc

Bat man says:

What do you think of Poloniex exchange?

smith moses says:

nice one and true fact on BTC but you can make over 10000% profit on your bitcoin by joining my p2p bitcoin donation with just 0-03 BTC and leave the rest to us to market
you will receive over 10000% in form of donation up to 164BTC GIVE US A TRY

Ricky32908 says:

LOL “Mt.Gox”

Sloan Sentell says:

How many btc do you buy when trading on average

Cyber Expert says:

Hey Chris, Thanks for everything and I’ll suggest that you definitely should do a video serious just like this one talking about tech. analysis. Thanks would great for all of your subscribers.
Thumps up if you agree people.
Thanks again!

Samuel Okpapi says:

love this tutorial…. made a mistake trading in small pennies and made lot of looses due to the the trading fees

TheFacelesss Men says:

The best time to trade is when the majority of the crowd are wrong in other words break outs.

Jeramy says:

For trading should you typically trade in and out of USD or should you trade BTC to other coins like ETH? Also, what are your thoughts on using shapeshift for trading? This is a question for Chris, but I appreciate comments from anyone else too. I’m fairly new at this. Owned Bitcoin for a couple of weeks now.

david howard says:

here is a site that i found you get 6250 satoshi every 6 hours thats 1250 per hour

Abhijeet Shekhar says:

I live in India and after searching for a while i could not find a proper website which can provide me candle charts for bitcoin india. Without candle charts how am i supposed to do technical analysis?

bckwrdsify says:

As someone new to trading, you talk about making money from shorting. In what way do you do it? buy back the same volume of BTC for cheaper and pocket the change, or use the money from selling to buy more bitcoin than you originally had and then make the profit when it goes up again and you have a higher volume to sell?

francesco arbia says:


Persona Non Grata says:

I’m curious why you share your knowledge?If we all learn from you, won’t that reduce your margin, and eventually completely ruin bitcoin trading, since once “everybody” knows how to do it, there are no longer any “suckers?”

Dean Clarke says:

Chris…I”m one of those dumb monies that started doing technical analysis but, need a mentor? Do you offer professional service for this?

chupacabra20 says:

How do you know when the “herd” is scared or is greedy?

Todiras Ioan Radu says:

Question. How exactly do you predict the drops and rises in prices for bitcoin? What do you use? What news sites do you follow? And I don’t quite get the short hand, it seems to me like it’s the same as the long hand. You said you sell high and buy low but what is the exact difference between them?

kmikasi420 says:

bitfinex is just for shorting or i can also go long? and what are the diferences between going long with this and the other 4 exchanges you mentioned… thanks!

51MontyPython says:

So shorting and going long are really just the same thing, right? only the end point of the one is the starting point of the other? And you just keep doing that over and over?

Manuel Garza says:

I have a pizza restaurant in Mexico,
how can I start taking bitcoins as a payment ?

Nando Cesar says:

Thank you so much for all the explanation. I have watched the 5 beginner videos. I have a question here and if you could reply it would be great.
Do you see a way i can use Bitcoin to Transfer funds from Country A to Country B ?
Would i lose money doing it? Is it a good way to get away with banking fees etc.

Thank you !

Alfred Sedumedi says:

The Revolution in Online Earning is finally Happening!Awesome way to earn 38 BITCOINS month with only $7

La Bodega China says:

Thank you Chris , I ve learned in the hard way I lost about 2000 usd today trying to catch the rabbit looking for a software to trade bitcoins like COINIGY do you know it ? I have found your video at the beggining I did not believe but more you talk is a reality. I have made very good income with BTC- in BTCC china because I bought a 328 and sold at 1050. I had about 45 but for the past 24 hours I lost 2000 usd in short trading. I want to learn the system ask me for API to put in their system. I live in china and here is very volatile. Thank you Wilhelm Hernandez

Philip Smith says:

selling 25$ worth paypal gift card for bitcoin if want more information please pm me

Petr Peller says:

Mt. Gox …. ahahahaahahahahaha

Tony Rat says:

I still have no idea what im doing but now i have some idea what im doing

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