Can you make a living out of trading?

Can you make a living out of this? Daniel Moczulski of Star Financial Systems comments. How much money and time you need to do it professionally. I think you certainly can make a living out of trading and some do. I have to be blunt – when clients trade with us we see their trades; we do not see the amount of effort they put into those trades. Let me be clear on this. It is not easy and whenever I speak to profitable traders I can see they are absorbed by the financial markets and they put in a lot of effort.

How much do the top spread bettors actually make? People view trading and spread betting in different ways. So the person who does it for a living might view winning 100k in a year as a good payout while a part-time trader would be happy for earning just 10k in a year. I always remember a particular winning 5 or 6 million pounds.

How do losers think? How do winners manage risk? The clue is in the question there – and its the discipline – successful traders actually manage their risk.

What kind of skills and character traits make a good trader? It is understand the risk/reward and profitable traders really do understand the relationship between fear and greed.

Do short-term/day traders make more money than long-term traders? If they’re good at it both make money. A short-term day trader has to really be glued to the screen and is far more involved in every trade he puts on. The long term trader doesn’t operate like that and may not even look at it for the next 3 or 4 months. It also depends on the volatility of the market…

What size accounts do the most profitable traders have? Are high net individuals more serious in their trading? This is a difficult question but good traders have accounts in excess of 2k definitely. When people open an account they tend to look at the minimum amount required to open an account but perhaps more important is the size of the trade you can put on.


Delta BoXeR says:

Im fairly new… I just scalp the shit out of the market. so far i’ve had 4 losses and 28 wins…. Not a bad start. I can’t see how you can go wrong scalping. I know its frowned upon and against some rules and regs for some brokers but damn if it makes me profits that’s all that matters.

DUAL 777 says:

A short term trader would still make more money regardless of a price movement. Because no trend moves without fluctuation. A day trader would catch those waves and reversals and would profit from them unlike long term trader. Just take a look for yourself at how many tops and bottoms there are in a particular currency pair in one day. If you could make 100 pips a day from one trade because of 100 pip volatility, a scalper could make 200 catching all the fluctuations.

tomzablee says:

Very informative video, thank you

Adrian Bräysy says:

As far as putting time into your trading, I partially agree and partially disagree. I think the initial learning process can take time, but once you get a hang of it, it only takes like 15-30 minutes of chart time per day to find a good looking trade. My daily routine is: 1. Plug in support and resistance levels at the beginning of each week (this may change during the week). 2. Look at what happens at these Support/resistance levels, price action wise. Also, look for certain things like big shadow candles etc… 3. If you find a potentially good trade, look at the volume for confirmation. 4. Go to smaller time frames to find good entry points.

This has worked for me for a while now. I don’t really get that many trades per week, but when I do, I tend to get good ones.

big loko says:

study study study the markets. Great vid.

trevbeats77 says:

Very good advice ty…

boi says:

And thats why I think its good to do both. I just started daytrading but also I try to find potential swing trades all the time

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