Can You Make Money Trading 1-2 Hours Per Day?

Wondering if you can make money trading 1-2 hours per day? Then watch my video, as the answer will likely surprise you.

Video Timestamps:
1:50 E-mail from a single mom who wants to learn how to trade
3:54 Trading a few hours a day, can you make it work?
4:05 What it takes to learn any new skill
9:09 Book recommendation
10:45 Importance of training and not only trading
13:40 Peak performance and changing habits…
14:18 To replicate success in the future, ask yourself this question…


L3O says:

Great Video!

TheAlpha0zero says:

When i joined Chris’ course last week, my first impression also is his statement “if you consider forex as a hobby, then expect hobby result”. Since i started learning forex on April this year, i devote about 70 hours a week for training. To me, forex is not work, but simple joy and salvation.

ami kim says:

This is awesome and a great reflection. A realistic perspective of the work that comes with trrading. Thanks so much for this!

Vahrokh Vain says:

I think a lot of people would be very happy to know they can just stand a chance at being somewhat profitable.
Who got a job, the mothers and so on, are not really enticed to compete at the pro level. They’d be more than happy to know if they have “hope”, to wet their feet and see if they should go on and train more, or just give up because they are not cut for trading.

Usually even in sports, you do a couple of practice lessons and the instructor can tell you if you are “a future talent”, “a good hobbyst”, or a “just stay home, you are not really cut for it”.

It’d be lovely if there was a way to know if yourself stand a chance at trading and thus it’s worth pouring in the effort to learn more and train more.

I am sure if a guy would know that in 2 hours he can make a little profit, then he would gladly start training for more hours and get better.
Being a decent hobbyst is enough for a lot of people, they don’t aim at becoming elite. “I work for $2000 a month and on top of that, I make $200 a month with part time trading”. This sentence would be a dream come true for plenty of people!

Jack Perkins says:

Chris I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this video! Not only was there an absolute abundance of wisdom but it was delivered with perfect clarity, fairness and the editing was slick to boot! You sir are always levelling up and as a long time member I feel I am able to recognise your growth. I wish Katie all the very best in her endeavour and applaud her noble vision to potentially help others with the proceeds of her trading. I too began this practise inspired by you around 18 months ago and have been making regular donations every month with what little I have to causes that are important to me, so I thank you again for your continual mentor-ship in both trading and life and for all the hard work that goes into the gem that that is 2ndskies. All the best amigo.

Frosvet says:

Fantastic video, Chris. You just summed up my experience with Forex. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration. I am privileged to be a member of 2ndskiesforex even though not trading, and draw on your wisdom. Best regards.

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