Can You Really Make Money as a Small Time Forex Trader? – Can You Really Make Money as a Small Time Forex Trader?

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In this video:
00:24 – Everybody has this same question – Can you make money as a small time Forex Trader?
00:59 – Reasons why so many traders fail to make money
01.50 – How it’s possible to make money as a Forex trader
03:00 – Daily trading suggestions and results
04:18 – Recent client’s testimonials – including clients who are now trading Forex full time
06:16 – How can you benefit from this information?
06:40 – Make sure you are one of the 5-10% of traders who are successful


Hayden Harris says:

Ambiguous nonsense and full of unrealistic spin! He is grooming people for gambling. The majority will fail he says, actually everyone will win sometimes and loose sometimes.

Pitched Dar says:

Dude, if you were making money in trading you wouldn’t sit wasting your time charging others to teach them. LOL FX Trainer!

Rai nanda salengko says:

i think it’s har to do forex , because many people dont have the basics to do this.. need more research for the great information. would share information to someone who didn’t UNDERSTAND about trade or forex ! thanks bcs i need to know more for a good basics and i need knowledge from pro trader

Stuart Nicholas says:

Hi Andrew can i ask what you mean by the charts change at 5AM and 5PM every day in one of your videos. enjoying your teaching in the UK, thank you .

Stacey Bryce Adams says:

I have been forex trading since 2006 and no you will not get rich in retail forex but I do make $$$ with my theory .

John Smith says:

Patience is a virtue this week. Look at the charts, since Monday nothing has moved. Just some choppiness and flatness. It was impossible to make profit this week. This has been one of the worst trading weeks in the last few months. Horrible conditions. So frustrated!

Nick Bentley says:

what is your strategy Andrew?

Matthew B says:

one of my issues with courses in general is that they do not teach you the basics of trading most sell you a system a software system if you unsubscribe then you are left in the water. i am more interested in courses that teaches you how to actually trade using indicators that you can use independent of whether you are subscribed or not

By Design says:

I would like to see something like this from someone who isnt selling something…

Currency Strength Strategy says:


Harius Thamrin says:

Hi Andrew, another great video. Would like to thank you for your free risk calculator tool, it certainly help.

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