CSGO Trading Guide – Make Money !

With this csgo trading guide I will teach you how to make money with csgo. A lot of people want to learn how to trade after they saw my from nothing to knife video so I will show you guys how to make money with csgo, the csgo trading way. In the future I will probably also make a video about csgo betting and how to make money with that but it’s also possible to get every skin you want with csgo trading. The only thing you really need is a lot of spare time and this guide 🙂

Greets Pookie

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SKY21111 says:

can u tell me if my AK Frontside Misty MW with luminosity players stickers is worth more since they moved to sk and lg has no roster anymore?

Penda says:

Please help. I keep posting my offers but how are people going to see my trades? and how do I search for things people want for what I have even if it doesn’t match my specific trade? I haven’t gotten one offer yet and nobody wants my weapon skins. shit.

legenzo says:

I have an Butterfly FN Fade what i have to do?

FreeFly PlaYs says:


tommy banksy says:

hello pookie, i like very much your videos, i bought a mw dragon king to start trading (now its price is stable and it’s worth around 5.79 €. can you suggest me a skin that i can upgrade it to???

samgk says:

“$10 in a week” bloody hell this kid is stacked

John Son says:

buy skins off opskins and sell them on the steam market, i bought 5 bayonet vanilla knives off opskins for $96USD and sold them for 160 usd on the steam marketplace, i didnt have a knife before but not ive got a bayonet doppler phase 2 factory new. trust me it works really well. Plus items on opskins arent trade banned so you can trade them straight away or sell or even gamble them. good luck guys

「Senpai」 MLG says:

so this is spookie and i will see you later?

Random Cap says:

Well, you can make money much faster by… Actualy doing something? But if you don’t have work… then… it’s ok?

But hey, fits for me, I am 13, so, I can say that it’s a perfect job for me…

Beacose I still can’t ACTUALY work.

Danny Yeet says:

I don’t get trading I did a trade with someone just to give him skins but how do I make it so the other trader has to put the item you wanted in the trade so basically without the guy getting scammed I don’t get trading someone help 🙁

Jay says:

i’m trying to trade my Butterfly Knife Field-Tested but i can not trade it up without making a lot of money lose

Ethan Leivers says:

Pookie, I have Shadow Daggers Scorched ft, would you be willing to trade one of your skins (knife would be best)

Archie_- says:

tip no1 – take advantage of the people who are new to trading on cs lounge… good tips

Random Cap says:

Ok, so, I will try to make profit from a 0,03 skin… CHALANGE ACCEPTED

Sadly there is not just the prize that the seller will get… But 15% goes to the game and steam.

So, to trade correctly, you must count if it woud be better to sell the skin on steam trade centrum and buy the skins… It’s east on the start

full market prize + what gets valve when someone buys the skin = max prize of a skin a player woud give you

And why? By selling a 0,06 skin valve will get 0,02 and the seller woud get 0,04… Meaning that trading with you a skin that’s worth 0,03 and less… Woud be pointless and stupid.

You just… … find you own way… this is mine… But if you get this, feel free to use it.

(God, how long will it take to make an euro skin)

But the problem is, everyone wants profit, but to make it, someone needs to lose it.

What woud I do with the money…

Probably do an actual unboxing… so… lose it…

rk ark says:

fuckin csgo lounge doesn’t let me bet my expensive skins

Christian Gust says:

what is the name of the programm u use to get the prices of the skins

MoustachePlayz says:

By trading don’t it mean buying and selling skins

Jamd Jam says:

hpw come i have nothing in my backpack

Feedii100 says:

Some fucking cunt reported me for just sending him an offer where he has to overpay alot. He said its scaming.

Strawberry 1337 says:

Trade !!!

Gut knife Doppler | fn | phase 2 | float 0.02327247 | Galaxy pink

AK-47 case hardened | bs | float 0.67192215

David Procházka says:

no one wants M4A4 Urban DDpat

Daniel Lane says:


430zack says:

i would use keys as currency when starting off, becuase what if there is a guy who wants to get a good weapon, that is being offered by a skins and some keys, that guy may not have enough keys, so if i trade a key for say like a $3 skin, we both get what we want, becuase in the end, that $3 skin wont matter to him, when he gets a $100 skin or so

Joseph says:

the chances of actually trading up and making profit is so low today

lukas says:

How much time takes it if you have a knife for 140-150$ and want to get a 250$ skin (Bayonet Damascus Steel MW -to- Bayonet Doppler FN)

DenXtreme says:

from 0.03€ to 14€ thanks

Pim van Bochove says:

wow hallo nederlander how ur doing

MonkeyJ BusinessG says:

Omg your explanation is too good, I just had to subscribe and like the vid

Heroes uknowjusticemill says:

trading doesn’t work eneymore

Kamajii says:

Just won a skinasnity giveaway on twitter they gave me 1000GG 😀

Hyctik says:

Hey i am a new person to CS:GO i only discovered this game a month ago and i am rank 5 and i want to start trading, how much do you have to pay for a good skin to start trading?

Hydrox says:

I’ve got a WW gut knife blue steel, bought it for 58 it’s now worth 65, trade it for keys get the gut knife doppler.

Valdus Aka DANSKVAND! says:

Scam a pedo like i did xD

JJ says:

what is the addon for the browser? csgo lounge destroyer?

ShynobieX says:

Trying to hard to trade a FN m4a1 cyrex and a sun iin leo awp field tested for a well worn awp hyper beast. Even though i am overpaying more than 50 cents but all of them told me to overpay 2-3 more or give them better skins

RegisideGayming says:

What to do if the knife prices fluctuate so much?

Alexander Tran says:

This video was really helpful! Keep up the good videos dude.

FPSBroski says:

Detch Masterrace

Jack S. says:

I will trade all my skins for a knife

SpicyComputers says:

ok when it comes down to it knifes in cs are just for show.. all the people ive played with that have fancy ones like the m9 marble fade, or whatever.. THEY NEVER FUCKING USE THEM…i mean yea if you get the winning kill with your knife thats cool but most people just have them for attention

SuXu says:

is he german??

Daniel Lane says:

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