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Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks Trailer

My channel is devoted to swing trading. You will learn all the ins and outs of swing trading.
Swing trading is just to follow uptrends or downtrends in the stock market.
In all my strategies I dont use indicators or moving averages. I use only price action using colorful lines on the chart.

I offer a free training on how to use colorful lines in your trades?
I offer also a subscription membership on how to search for stocks and select them
I have 16 training levels by videos to choose from. They are simple and easy to implement in your trading.
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For any inquiry or question please write back directly to
email: Swing Trading Training and Education


joeproblo says:

Hey can you do a step by step tutorial on how to get back at penny stock scammers


Great video – good information!! Keep it up.

TheDarshmiso says:

u just said in another vedio that no one will ever teach u how to trade.,, u have alot of contradictions in what you say.. I have 10 years experience in forex and still have nott figured out how to make consistent profit in this imaginary market.
please dont waste your money. if this guy in the vedio knows how to make consistent profit in forex or stocks or whatever u wanna call this imaginary market,, he wouldn’t need to sell vedios. consistent leverage could make u a millionaire in couple of years .
scams that u should watch out for
technical analysis
fundamental analysis
teaching vedioes
teaching books
trading signals
colourful charts
demo account

so how to make money???
well mate u need to find a professional sole trader in London, NYC, Chicago, Sydney. invest not less than 50 k dollar,,, u either win 500-800 k or u lose it all…Otherwise if u like me,,, trial and eror,,, it is like u trying to invent something.. so when u can make profit at all times in forex,, it is like u found an antibiotic for cancer. bottom line………
if u willing to find it,,, be prepared to lose money,,, meet noteworthy people, lose time,, continuous error,,, few profits,,,,… in this long time u need to take pauses from the market,,, a long gap,, till u find another method and so on till u reach yr goal… which is, consistent profit at all times,, that means having the money in yr bank, assets,, not with the broker,, then u will be sorted for life.

Bijaay Nayakk says:

thank you sir

xxxzzzxxx227 says:

you still lose money

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