Elite: Dangerous – How to make money/credits – In system trading method

In system trading i find to be a fast method that also dodges a lot of interdictions. If you find the perfect system, it’s a very lucrative method.
More money making guides here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXL6cNI3qMefNmJBRVemb_BdZ5fQYXsJ8


Lohxy says:

Is this still working?

Perixx says:

From Fifa trading to this type of trading! Found your new channel as I was re-watching your “all I want for Christmas is roo”, hope things are going well with your electrical engineering apprenticeship! 🙂

Gamesturbator says:

Something bothers me even to this date. The drop down menu at the top shows other systems and the supposed sell price of the item you select yet there is ZERO difference in sales price regardless of which system you select. WTF do they even have them in the dropdown menu if they don’t actually show their real sell price? Or am I misunderstanding why they list the other systems in that menu?

Land Rover says:

Wow, everyone can make serious money online, go to https://plus.google.com/117604348422063592633/posts/NQzLYymiYxn

bayne1789 says:

what is the song at the beginning of the video?

Corsair TR says:

dude awesome video thx a lot !!! trading is the best way after bounty hunting but before doing bounty hunting you have to make trade run at least few days to get your viper!

Felix Pulford says:

Bodenz! You’re one of the first youtubers I’ve ever watched I was just watching a couple of your older videos, you sir are a legend

Triniswe says:

Could you make a guide on how to effectivly search for these kind of systems. It feels like it could take days to find a system which need eachothers services. I’m guessing you have to travel to both stations, check prices and then see if there is something that make a profit?
I’d love to try this out but i might need so many notes just to find one trade route.

And btw, I love your videos! I’ve leant so much from you so thanks a lot! 🙂

Diego Delfino says:

Hi, how do you remove all your hardpoints from your ship? is it possible with the Sidewinder too?

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