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Chris Conklin says:

Are you still trading?

Candiann Moore says:

Wait… you can make money from this business even without recruiting?

Gowreesh Lall says:

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Good work. – Mister Wright

richie m says:

What software are u using

Shawn Oroni says:

awesome man

Michael Tyler says:

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William S. says:

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Victor Martinez Sanchez says:

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Kritsnavidh Swamy says:

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Gravin Dillard says:


Eesaanan Batra says:

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logan daniels says:

nice man just found ur channel sick that u do forex too!

michael cabrera says:

making money for 1400k with eurusd. this jan

Dineshwar Baria says:

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Eynar Atwel says:

Hey man

Eesaanan Batra says:

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Denise Morton says:

hey could you tell me the name of that song in the background. Thanks.

Abdullah Zakhelwal says:

Please someone help me
How can I start this

Miguel De La Cruz says:

nice man where can I get more info ?


What is the app used ?

Danielle Dillard says:

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serz laky says:

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Sebastian Spatafore says:

yeah right! nice SCAM! FUCK YOU!

ike ikii says:

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Ananga Krishna says:

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tuiko bul says:

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