Here’s why you’ll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom…

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Here’ why you’ll never make money in Forex. It’s all because of the Forex cycle of doom. Many aspiring traders who are trying to make money in Forex don’t know they’re falling victim to it.

The Forex cycle of doom is all about how you find a strategy, trade it, experience some losses, dump it and then find it a new strategy.

It’s the main reason why you’ll never make money in Forex.


Hanif Osman says:

Thanks for the insight of Brokers. Looking forward to your up coming videos.

shafeek waghoo says:

Then, what is the correct amount to start off in Forex Trading?

abdul kareem says:

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Ron K says:

This guy is much smarter than us and he is able to make money in forex ..but no one else can , time to unsub this guys videos are all pretty useless

Nick Mcdonald says:

Thanks Andrew, great info. Sorry to hear the old video got taken down, but it’s good to have it back now. I’d forgotten some of the lessons, so it was good to get a refresher course!

musa ndlovu says:

How geniun is financial markets. This is a bad industry

Bitcoin Library says:

hi i also want to learn forex can you pls help me …i am from india 9781205612 my telegram no ..pls contact me

GrahamAndFriends says:

I used to live in the cycle of Doom.

Brandon S says:

Thanks Andrew. Informative stuff.

huspitch says:

You will never make money… stick to your 9-5 and chase your tail. Fucking bullshit video

cloudtrifle says:

If anyone is interested in joining a company who use a variety of trades and strategies for signals to stay current drop me a message.

huspitch says:

How negative ffs

Jose Daniel says:

I recall watching this a few months ago why the re upload?

Will Thomas says:

Hey Andrew sorry to hear about the video. Seen it before but well worth watching again… will share this video as it’s genuinely great advise. I hope a lot of others will learn from this.

Tony Herrick says:

Hi, thanks for the insight, sounds a lot like playing the pokies, but I think you’ve missed one very important detail and that is the huge number of scamming sites, I’ve been trying to find a legitimate one for nearly 2 years now but when I check their ratings on I always find they are market makers, block your account when they know your going to win etc, can you put me onto a legitimate site or am I dreaming?

maksudlo aja says:

hello i am a beginner trader can you help me, just start it with 10 $ capital if can and how maximal leverage is needed
and trading plan profit and loss target and how many max lot I choose.

sorry if my language usage is bad

thank you

musa ndlovu says:

The title is not good……you will never make money in forex…trust me im a 30 year veteran or its actually a fact that we will never make money in forex

Paul Peace says:

Big account small trading size…. and follow the trend.

Sanni Jaya says:

If buying signal can make you rich all the time then no forex trader will lose money again.

monosetsi baipoiki says:

Wow i love it this is very good and emosi. Video?
i telling us to learn something
new in this world. for this amazing
video Thanks from me.

Lito Man says:

Thanks Andrews for the insight. Please can you recommend a site to check for news release relating to FX. OR can you please provide insight on that one

China Sadcat says:

Trade tiny till you are comfortable executing your strategy day in day out. If you can do that profitably for a few months slowly start increasing the size. You can even spend time optimizing that strategy so you can take even less risk to make the same reward.

The first goal is to survive, you’ll never know if you have what it takes to become an ace trader if you lose your whole account in one week and have nothing left to trade with.

Sanni Jaya says:

Phsycology is more important than what ever the method or strategy

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