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Cos Mos says:

The volume is too low but awesome content!! Keep up the great videos!! Thanks for keeping it simply and sharing the real steps to profit!

Carmen Fernandez says:

Hi Ricky love your videos they are very informative and helpful thank you, I want to ask to start trade with stocks. What could be a ok balance to start with?? To make at least 500 a week?? And for how long should i keep the stock?? I want to start daily trades. Please help thank you sooo much for your time

Austin Cloke says:

Hey Ricky, you should make a video on Taxes/Tax season and filing 1099-B’s ? Or have you already done this so far this year? Thanks -Austin.

Sean Santiago says:

If I made a lot of money from the stock market, why would I want to show my competition how to make as much as me? If I had a lot of a many from just stocks I think I won’t bother to advertise myself on YouTube, I will be out smashing some hoes and be on every beach on the west and south coast :p

Devin Birkby says:

yo those live steam comments about HODLing your ears was fire

Jonathan Brown says:

I farted

panagranit pana says:

I like your videos but there is too much ‘boiler plate ‘commentary.

W_ B says:

Start putting percentages please.

Joshua Filyaw says:

Man you have good analysis but you clickbait so hard.

Al Amelly says:

bro wheres your hat!!! LOL

京都アンソニー says:

Finally no hat

K. Weis Investments says:

actually just finished a swing trade with jnug myself nice 16.8 percent profit in 3 days.

McGhee says:

Say I have $50 what would you do to maximize profits

Oscar Ruiz says:

Thank you for your lessons Ricky. How can i be part of the thechbuds group

Alex Ni says:

idk why a lot of people in the free group are so optimistic about jnug that it will hit 19 or 20. There is clearly a resistance around 16.2.

Julian Olivares says:

Hey man, anyway i can talk to you privately?

Manuel Reyes says:

great video Thank you Ricky

Pedro González says:

What platform you use?

David Darby says:

Ricky my man thank you very much for the technical analysis break downs and explaining the patterns. I’ve been making some solid consistent profits over the past few weeks. Seriously thank you for the lessons. Everything makes so much sense these days. 2018 going strong! Saving up to join learnplanprofit to learn even more. Have a blessed weekend my dude!

Mellowman468 says:

Hey Ricky, so what’s the strategy if the S&P500 sells off again? and is UVXY a good ETF?

Mr Jeff Lives says:

What software program are you us ing on your. Computer to see your chart view??

jakemorris111 says:

If you’re gonna start monetizing please regulate audio a bit more, the ads are ear shattering 🙁 but as always good stuff man! I love how you explain everything

Matt Toney says:

RIP to my ears

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