How much do Day-Traders really make?

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Nhlonipho Ngcobo says:

If you not doubling at least three time a week quit

Moha Elahwal says:

Hey @steven
Do you go live everyday on market open?

aka AAA says:

What about taxes?

Austin So says:

He said he started when he’s 20 y.o. But he looks like 23 to 25 y.o. ._.

Zaheer Shaw says:

Do you option trade?

Moha Elahwal says:

Hey @Steven
Do you have

IDK IJS says:

23 years old with 23k sitting around

Tambo Wayuda says:

I want to start stock market. Which website should I start? I’m kinda lost here. I need to know where and how to start

Voko says:

So is it safe to say that you’ll spend 25-30% on fees before taxes? So if someone claims to make 175k trading, that means they actually made 122,500 before tax?

Melanie Nguyen says:

omg.. Youre younger than me (25), and you did way better than me.

Billy Johnson says:

the question should be how much do they lose. It’s a losing game for a high percentage of people

ertyderty7 says:

LMAO you talk like you 40 years old….

eduardo lopez says:

Your a SHORTER 🙁
Just another SHARK…. Tisk tisk

eduardo lopez says:

Do you do option trading?

dwight Phoenix says:

Good video bro

Jin Kim says:

looks like you have sore eyes like all other traders. take some good eye health suppliment.

Jerry Y says:

Do you trade CFD?. No need to borrow stocks. But most CFD do not allow short on penny stocks.

rimuru slime says:

I’m genuinely so confused as to why everybody is bewildered that a 20 year old had 27k in the bank? If you’re working part time for a while in your teenage years that is very easily achievable.

Alex S says:

Does Schwab charge “overnight” hold fees? I was only aware of spread, and $5 flat rate per trade.

SPY Options Trading says:

I can’t believe he mentioned penny stocks but failed to mention options trader!!! Ridiculous!

jonathan duran says:

Why don’t you trade on thinkorswim?

Edward Bangs says:

Great video, I’m saving 100k capital to start trading; should reach my goal by end of year. Would you recommend depositing the full $100k into one broker or should I use multiple brokers?

Sup my dude says:

No way I live in ohio too!!

Wise Flys says:

Love the transparency.

2Pro4u2 says:

speed 2x. enjoy

Daman Chaturvedi says:

Its better to make broker license
And earn money for free

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