HOW MUCH DO TRADERS EARN? (Trader Lifestyle)

NOTE: The car in this video is rented and we aren’t trying to suggest otherwise (I was on holiday!). I discuss it in a video here:

There are stories of traders making millions every year, and stories of traders losing every penny they’ve got. So what’s the truth? How much do traders earn? Nicholas talks about the reality of the trader lifestyle.

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Todd Lavigne says:

Actually the smaller timeframe you go down to opportunities fail more often in my experience. Depends what market you trade.

Not bob says:

how big are those fucking logs lol

Kyle H says:

Big ass logs

trend trader says:

false information! it totally depends on your strategy if it will work in different time TF, example a SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE strategy will not work the same way in a 1hr TF than it would in a 5 min

General Bilak says:

The real answer is that you are in charge of how much you earn. As long as it’s your strategy that works good for you, then you can make as much as u you like. But remember to limit yourself. Because raking to big of a step can “break your nose”.

Amit KP says:

Nic, do you know what average annual returns the proprietary traders for banks and intuitions make. Is the figure something like 14-15% in a good year. Talking about only averge returns “across the board” not the top traders.

yumetaichidori says:

so a load of NOTHING in this video…

ken breslin says:

What websites do you use?

Protofl3X says:

They earn however much they put in

Matt Doeland says:


Randy B says:

What’s the name of the song in the intro?

Hannes Engelbrecht says:

You forgot your cameraman….;-)

AyeeZone says:

You know you’re rich when you drive a Maserati in the snow. LOL

emanuelethedaytrader says:

Hated the warren buffet example with value investing. “wait until your old and wrinkly and can’t even enjoy the money you made”

Wacha Lookinat says:

If i pay 700£ for your trading course, do you GUARANTEE that i will one day make MILLIONS from trading AND will afford my own maserati? Honest question, expecting honest answer.

BikesNight says:

they always want to sell you something…

zeomarmob says:

Not a big fan of Maserati but the whole scenery is just beautiful.. Enjoyed watching it.. Thanks

Francis Figer says:

Nicky, I saw your video: TRADER MOTIVATION and then saw (yesterday) the movie: Limitless, and realized that the principal actor has a Maserati ike you hahaha. Did this movie was an influence to buy a Maserati or not? I found out the name of the movie thanks to your motivational video, I searched then on google: “Bradley Cooper trading movie” then I saw the name was Limitless and went straight to netflix. Awesome haha

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