How Much Money Can I Make As a Day Trader

A popular question we get at the is how much money money can you make as a day trader

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Jens W. says:

What is the basis for these numbers?

I think it is simply impossible to determine what traders make on average in year 1, 2 or 3?

One would have to take a large scale survey of day traders.

Most people would be hesitant to disclose their income, others would lie and overstate income.

To me this video is useless. One reads that 90-95% of traders fail. I guess this happens in the so-called “time years” mentioned in the video.
Why not talk more about common struggles and issues in this period, instead of discussing “hard to measure”, or even random income figures without any solid basis?

Don’t get me wrong … i like your videos, but this one does not provide much value to me.

George Beauchamp says:

Make me a trader. Be the mentor you say is necessary to capitalize on assuming these benchmarks.

Rob Tiger says:

how much money are you trading with to make that money?

A Beginner Trader says:

Hello Doug Rumer, many thanks again for kindly putting this nice video, it’s very Inspirational. Good wishes for you.
Mohammad Parouare

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