How much money can you make day trading

How much money can you make day trading

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How much money can you make day trading


throathammer1 says:

topic has been beaten to death..
may as well ask how long a piece of string is….

bluehorseshoe444 says:

Day trading is for suckers

Also: ‘irrelative’ is not a word

Hayden Harris says:

You can make or loose a lot of money because trading is gambling on a random graph which has no hidden secrets to unlock with systems. I understand that your saying our weak trading points are our emotional vulnerability when in actual fact what makes traders vulnerable is faith in systems. There are no systems that magically tell traders when to start and stop trading in a way that takes away the gambling aspect of the trading scenario. You cannot focus on making the wright decisions because its always a guess regards Hayden

C Ch says:

Take a drink every time he says “obviously you can make a lot of money day trading” and “at the end of the day” or even just “obviously”. lol

Natalia says:

#ASKMARCELLO talk about of best brokers for futures.

Juan Franco says:

That beach is in Santa Marta lol

Master Trader says:

Awesome; Do you teach the Spot Forex too ???

Andrew Calderon says:

Tu tambien haces trading con cryptocurrencies o bitcoins y otras monedas virtuales?

Shaun Pope says:

It would be really awesome to see your lifetime results or that of some of your students. In poker it’s possible to nail down the ROI of different styles of poker for the best poker players in the style of game they are playing & the volume that any one person can play/day. You know that beginner poker pros can earn up to $1k/month. Solid regs can earn $1k-3k per month & the absolute best in the world can earn $10k-$50k/month & the $50k is the absolute maximum a person can earn. I’ve looked into Sykes penny trading & assuming that all the data is correct Im gauging that most successful penny stock traders can earn around $100k-$350k consistently each month. You can see the lifetime graphs, you can get a gauge of how many hours of study & work it takes to get to that level based on the interviews. I see less than 2% of all applicants making consistent profits after about 2-5yrs of hard work. I would absolutely love to see you do a video of something similar. Thanks!

mohamed ahmed says:

I like they way talk about the reality,my success to you brother i would like to meet you one day.

Edward Pierce says:

*Marcello one of the most transparent and real Professional Trading Expert out here in the industry!*

Sloth Father says:

What is tax like for day traders?

Yaw Trader says:

#askmarcello why you love day trading rather than swing or trend following ?

James Edwards-Marche says:

#askmarcello How do you deal/teach your traders to deal with those emotional conflicts that you mentioned – arguments with your wife, difficult times etc. ? Are there techniques that you use other than halting trading??

rudolfdo says:

Good Day You mentioned in your video that you had
lost $60,000 and a further $100,000 in trading, can we all assume you actually
recovered these losses during further trading over time, is that correct? if that
is the case then you did not actually lose the money in real terms.
I read some where 90% of traders lose rather
than gain during trading which is an appalling number of punters . The growth around the world of new traders is sky rocketing beyond belief.
One of your Subscribers mention tax on gains which has
to be declared. Many punters forget and if a share trader does really well with gains then the tax liability can be above 40% tax of gains .If a trader does not declare the gains then the tax authority will be knocking on the door for the taxes as they have the punters contact details through there trading platform. When platforms declare a clients losses and
gains at year end , I can seriously see coming a situation where the platform
company deducts the taxes by law and passes onto the tax authorities in which
country applies Thanks Ralph

Rudolph J Shawe says:

Remember your broker commission as well before any profit.

Dan221075 says:

What would be the average percentage per week or per month an average trader could make?
Would 1-2% per week be realistic or more?

Jim Theodorou says:

it comes down to a single simple and fair question because you can make money even with 1% winrate if its a 5k bet that pays out when the rest 20 dollar bets loses. so…
1. use same amount of money (6 trades for example of X dollars each)
2. use different amounts of money (1 high risk, 2mid-low risk and 3 low risk) with distribution of the daily investment like… 40 dollars for the high risk 30dollars for the mid-low risk and 30 dollars for the low risk.

The Stock Market Investor says:

My trading tree: 1) Stay Alive 2) Be consistent 3) Grow big. I average $1,500 a day on a $10,000 account. its not easy but its possible

AK Kenai says:

I can’t take anybody with “man bun” seriously. Sorry.

sergio ravenoldi says:

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS BRO!!! Keep it up!!

Kolg85kraffis73 says:

Funny, he never answered the question.

Mfawad Joe says:

thanks man

Francis Mora says:

I like this guy he keeps it real nor is he trying to over exaggerate anything in regards to trading…All my success to you bro like to meet you one day..God bless you..

Preston Chandler says:

Personally my winning percentage is 50.58% which is (to me) a decent win rate. Because of smart risk management I can make a consistent sizable profit with it.

Pratheepธุรกิจโฆษาณาสินค้าท้องถิ่นบนyoutube says:


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