How Much Money Do I Trade With To Make $10,000 A Week?


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stephen h says:

Lock it and profit the pop it and lock it.

sonny corbi says:


Haitham Yassen says:

I use Robinhood to trade since I’m new and have a fairly small account. I’ve made good trades on DGAZ, but recently it says they took it off of Robinhood. Should I switch over to TD Ameritrade? I have an account, but I mainly use it for the graph and studies, but the commission would cut my profits significantly since I have a small account.

Maitrayan Ghosh Roy says:


zomgbab says:

Solid video Ricky, thanks!

Maxwell Robinson says:

why don’t you ever write anything on that calendar ricky? lol

Jason says:

hey Ricky whats your thoughts about dgaz doing a reverse split soon?? and also doesnt that mean that there will be less floats and more volatility?

Simon Hill says:

Your hands look bigger than your face Lol xD

Glenn Robinson says:

thanks boss

Alec Silvestri Vlogs says:

Good video!

Investing Hustler says:

Great all around advice. The more money u invest the more you risk but also the more money you can make !

Jeff B says:

I really like your trading strategy.

Kailash Honde says:

I did your course it was helpful!

Dylan McCormick says:

Hi, Ricky. I have been watching a couple of your videos lately because I am interested in learning how to invest in the stock market. I am 17 years old, and want to try and start investing early but, how does one start investing on the stock market? Is there a certain app or website or something? I keep hearing about an account. How does one start an investing account?

Aubrey D says:

Ricky please eliminate the Echo in the audio

Alan Ramos says:

Do y’all know if Ricky trades with a Margin account? I know he doesn’t trade with a cash account

Stock1997 Market01 says:

Great video

triga says:

If you guys don’t have the +10k just drop stocks and trade forex, much more risk involved

davidsbeast1 says:

☹ “its not fun anymore”

Kestas Juoz says:

do you ever trade on leverage?

Hristijan Kiko says:

So as I understood,he trades with $30.000 to make $10.000 ?

Sewak Singh says:

Bro. Why u not reply my question ?

Texasus says:

What if you double your trades? On one day week per week you double your trade volume and have yourself a wacky wed?

MacksMoney says:

Do you put away X amount for taxes when your pulling your profits out?

Oletu Jane says:

Hey everyone I want to learn trading.. who can teach me

Ramiro M says:

UGAZ was a pump and dump… looking at the YTD graph, you got lucky.

Dan Hill says:

But can you show us how you get out of your desk area? Or do you sleep there? 😉

Bart Kolakowski says:

How old are you and when did you start trading

Tri Beard says:

Ricky would love to see your brokerage statement.

sagar shetti says:

Ricky , your suggestions are more than ur age.

iceplanetRC says:

Your videos help a ton man

J1.92c says:

He trades with 25k-30k
Your welcome.

El Coyote Loco says:

Thank You Ricky!

Charlie says:

Suggestion: go to a musical instrument shop that sells audio equipment and buy 4 to 6 foam egg shells for sound proofing to put in the corners of the room so that the echo reverb gets cut down on your videos.

Tony Cruz says:

Which consistent stocks are you guys trading with ? Robinhood no longer supports dgaz . So I want to try trading new stocks but need a good quality stock to trade with .

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