How much money do you need to make a living from trading?

How much money do you need to make a living from trading? Steve Ruffley, day trader comments. Unless you start with 5k, just don’t bother. Most traders end up getting wiped because they are undercapitalised – put it this way; which business would you start with less than 5k capital? I would recommend you put in more like 25k to 30k to start with but everyone of us have different circumstances so this may not be possible. But at the end of the day it takes money to make money.

Do you believe in diversification? Risk a little to make a lot. They call it asymmetric risk/reward but is this realistic?

Guys, please appreciate this guy is a day trader, meaning he holds and sells positions for very short periods and as such his methodology may be different to others.


Dimitrios Desmos says:

What i want to know is, if you spreadbet, do you get all the chicks??

Steve Ruffley Mentor says:

Small account traders that rely on leverage please read this.My points may make more sense to you after that.
Regards Steve

Matthew Hyde says:

“if you are going to start trading with a small a/c and build it up you are delusional…chortle chortle” – what a gem, is this bloke for real? Oh no trading is there “to make a living”!!!!…., surly the whole purpose of trading is to build an account , if you are going to negate compounding then you are negating the the NO.1 weapon you have. Just checked another vid- he does not use stops- why am i not shocked.- ah- he’s from a intertrader , ok all makes sense

Lance Cummings says:

I trade with much, much more than he recommends. To me, he’s a joke. Put up audited statements or buzz off. “Go for it.” Yeah, right.

76Aurus says:

This guy is way too anti for me

Alpha Cube says:

I understand what he is saying but it’s possible to take a small amount to a lot. Like Darrell Webster said Knowledge is key.

interests10 says:

What’s this guys name

Jairo B says:

This guy sounds more like an addicted gambler than anything else. No credibility whatsoever.

Saan John says:

love this guy. tells it like it is.

zorba m says:

3 % it’s ok……

Jason Russell says:

Hard work does not equal more money. It’s all fucking probability.

p13ddd5 gg says:

utter crap. go ahead be my guest and risk more than 2% on any given trade and see how long you last

Paul Jennings says:

Listen there are two books you should get. The worlds most powerful money manual and course by Ken Roberts and the new trading for a living psychology by Dr. Alexander elder. Both teaches you money management. Most of these market gurus only trade hedge not a personal account 5grand is all the capital you need. There’s a psychology behind it. Just get those books

mashembo says:

slightly misleading, believe me £500 is more than enough to earn £60 – £100 a day

Darrell Webster says:

Making a living out of trading is not about how much money you start with, it is about how much Knowledge you start with.

I believe Knowledge is key, knowledge of your market from a technical view point because all the inside information is hidden within the numbers a market produces.

More information is hidden within the market numbers then the so called insiders could ever know, understand technical analysis.

Aaron Schnacky says:

10/pt is 1 Lot and represents 100,000.
40, 50, and 100/pt is 4, 5, and 10 lots. leverage on initial deposit of 25,000:
4 Lots = 400,000 = 40/pt = leverage on 25,000 = 16x
5 Lots = 500,000 = 50/pt = leverage on 25,000 = 20x
10 Lots – 1,000,000 = 100/pt, leverage on 25,000 = 40x
Personally, I try to turn 10 into 100, or 100 into 1000, and start over.

AlphaWhat says:

Delusional ? My friend has turned his initial £500 deposit into just under £12,000 in 4 months…

This guy is dealing with large money because he has a lot of money. Don’t let him put you off. Only risk what you can loose

Jon Davenport says:

There’s thing called micro lots & volume adjusters…Not that you should be able to make a living from that, but the way this guy puts it across is that you shouldn’t even trade below that. That’s an incredibly stupid statement – I started trading with £100 using ETFs and am doing pretty well for myself, even with a higher risk appetite.

Ernst Volf says:

The controversy is the way he addresses the subject. If he was just talking about himself – ok. That’s your style and go for it in a very risky fashion but giving other people advice like that seems in many respects funny.

3 Endz says:

Trust me what this guys saying is true!

BrandonLamarMusic says:


p13ddd5 gg says:

hes not talking about paul tudor jones though. hes talking about newbie traders coming to the table with 25-30k.

TLMYC says:

“Start with 5 grand”? Do so, if you wish to ignore the people that start with a mere £100 and end the day with +300 and, though they start slow, they end up with several thousand a week.
I don’t think it is your starting funds, but rather your ability to assess and prosper, and to remain patient. Like a Sniper – spend all day waiting for just 1 perfect shot. If you get that shot, you have changed the course of the battle.

Ruperdepuup says:

This materialist seems pretty happy about sacrificing his friendships in order to “get where he’s at”. Well, I’d rather never go to that place where money is more important than friendships.

Dkris li says:

This guy is talking rubbish you can only invest the money you can afford to lose any comment

3Daddicted says:

I think he’s awesome…I’ve learned a lot from his videos…….real eye-opener insights into the market.

Rizwan Hussain says:

i like this guy, and your channel, such a different array of views all round. thank you guys.

CB Adams says:

a rich man tells it the way it is, poor people comment about how he is stupid. awesome 😉

desirableUX says:

Absolute bullcrap. It’s got f all to do with the amount of cash you have. A person learning trading needs to know wtf they are doing. I’ve owned small business and also managed companies. Trading is the hardest thing you can ever do on your own. When these guys say you can trade on 25K, what they should be saying is you may make a good living through FX is it’s connected to a good enough scene using hedging and whatnot. Please be upfront and tell folks you want their cash.

A Travel says:

Don’t gamble that’s my advice write the trade down before and have a plan and strategy.

roenarraiz says:

I don’t know enough to agree or disagree with this guy’s answer. I am impressed that he answered it. Finally a straight forward answer to a straight forward question.

filthysock says:

Though I dont subscribe to his angle/strategy points completely, it certainly is a refreshing and honest perspective to take note of.

Rich says:

With my average rate of return I can make a living with as little as $5,000 in capital. I use a highly leveraged 500:1 or higher, defined risk strategy with a medium time frame between 50 days to 6 months. Of course I live an alternative, nomadic, full time travel lifestyle that only costs about $300-600 (U.S.) a month depending on where I am in the world. Someone who wants to support a traditional lifestyle with a home or rent, utilities, insurance, vehicles, spouses or children and all the other expenses associated with it, would need considerably more money. Everything is a compromise. I choose freedom of location and time over everything else.

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