How Much Money Do You Need to Start Trading for a Living?

Learn how much money you need to start day trading, swing trading, and create a living. First you need to know what type of lifestyle you need or want and then how much money you need to sustain that lifestyle.

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Yahya Ibrahim says:

and how does the price of the stock correspond to the possibility/chance of gain and loss? are more expensive stockes more stable nd more likely to move up ? or it doesn’t depend on the stock price?

JTundra says:

I wanna make 3000 to 5000 a month trading can i do that?

Dean says:

Question to you or to anyone who knows the answer. Is it possible to buy US stocks from Europe, and if it is, are there any special protocols ? Thank you !

Warren Holden says:

I don’t believe that this video offers very good advice and the content is really completely unreal (although Sasha does say that his example is ‘hyperthetical’). The example he quotes of trying to make US$3,500 every month on a capital investment base of just US$25,000 means that you are returning 14% profit. If you can turn that sort of profit then you should be employed as an investment professional (most investment ‘professionals’ can’t get anywhere near that level of return). If you are starting to trade then this level of return is quite simply completely unrealistic. The video doesn’t highlight many of the important factors and considerations in terms of trading for a living and hence hasn’t adequately answered the video subject heading of “How much Money Do You Need to Start Trading for A Living ?”. If you read the advice from many of the major, successful traders with years and years of experience, they will tell you NOT to give up your day job to trade for a living. You will be far better off continuing to work whilst trading part time and learning as much as you possibly can from the vast plethora of investment & trading advice available.

The Mountain says:

do you trade for living sasha ?
i never seen you with your own chatroom trading with students
why ?
you need $40,000 to trade daily … best amount

Jeera Blade says:

do you really get profit

Stian Andreassen says:

I would argue that starting of living with 20.000$ while you need 3000$ a month is extremely risky. That is 15% a month. Since not every week or month is created equal, you need to consider a worst case estimate. Trade for 3 months. Take your average monthly returns and cut it in half, can you live on that? Good, now double it in case you hit 2008 in your first year. Remember, three of those in the past 25 years gives you a 12% chance for that to happen.

papartiska says:

I wanna live in a five million dolar mansion… why there is no answer to this?

Sean Kandel says:

He`s a Phony!

Nasir Barbee says:

wait. im confused what do you mean i need capital? i thought the stock cost was 50$?

Arnold Sanchez says:

i made 2,000 with 3,000 in about 6 weeks. total 5,000 trading penny stocks. not bad a all.

Mikael Liao says:

whats ur trackrecord?

Reynard Muliaina says:

If you win.. Is someone losing? Who is losing?

MassacreBlast says:

Wow, that is an awful lot of risk to just make $350. No thanks.


I found out what separates a trader from someone that is wealthy is the wealthy person collect paper until they can trade $100,000 at infrequent trades (under 5 trade a year) strictly option trades. Anything under that, you are not really creating wealth and just end up trading with no real capital to show for.

Mister Bickis says:

I’m 14 and I am training to be a pro in the stock market
I’ve done the basics
But I still don’t understand how it works can you make a video on that and if you have then send me the link

joseph perez says:

But the type of stocks you are trading wasn’t factored in… ik someone that started with 800$, i believe trading penny stocks and has made a bit over 11k in 4months..

Kimchiboy08 says:

I’m at work all week and my only time to checkout my positions are during lunch break and after work. Would you say that long buy and sell is best for my situation as the market is closed on weekends?

Scromes says:

25k minimum to daytrade but you need alittle more incase your first day is a lost , like 27-30k to be safe, have a strategy/method, get in/get out , small loss big profit=win.

john wakefield says:

You are not real

dfox3526 says:

$3000 per month on $20k is over a 150% annual return. NO WAY IN HELL this happens consistently. You would be extremely blessed to do it once.

vanhelsing720 says:

what a stupid question. how can you earn Money if you dont know how to read the charts? even if you have a million dollars you will lose it all

Jose Arteaga says:

Your voice is kinda boring but i will put up with it because so far you have been the most straight forward and informational person that i have found. I will sub

Delquin Jones says:

Thanks very helpful

Jeera Blade says:

is thier a trade on apple o

popkahchin says:

what if i only have 500-800 dollars as capital to start trading? would it be possible and if so then how?

Adam Yasser says:

Great video. Thanks

Evgeny Slyusar says:

You forgot about leverage.

ronaldec7 says:

Don’t forget taxes on that 3400

Prashanth Budihal says:

Good general guide.
Your videos are good for beginners.

rob ceolinnini says:

rent 700? Where

jsc507 says:

This is a great educational videos on trading. I just wanted to make a few hundred a week. 150.00 a week. and I’m good.

ashliski says:

This seems like an incredible return imo. You’re saying you only need between 20-40k, and can make 3k a month!? How many hours would you need to put in for that? Would you have time to work a full time job as well?

IQspn says:

you the man bro. thank you!

Hk Stha says:

how to make money from trading

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