How Much Money You Need To Make $100 A Day Trading Stocks

How much do you need to make €100 a day trading stocks.
3 in 1 stock course


Trading Tutorial


Coinfox says:

Great Vid Z! The greed part killed me for months until yes like you said… I learned the hard way.
Glad to see you pumping out great content. Keep it up Brother.

Rubén Carrasquel says:

Once you will remember what I say and regret that you haven’t the possibility to buy a coin which achieves a record among all cryptocurrencies! And it will be a GRAM coin from

M Fleming says:

How to estimate the expected spike of a stock?

Alex T says:

hey Zed, Great video
i remember someone said a loss can make or break a trader but a win can also make or break a trader because they get comfortable with a win and slack off.
can you provide us some tips to be a better loser. Its all fun and exciting when we win, but losing sucks. How do we avoid losing 100$ a day.

Angel Rodriguez says:

ICO TELEGRAM is undoubtedly the most perspective this year I advise you to buy and hold for a few years!

Jordan R says:

Thanks for the upload, I really like the content.

It’s Omar says:

have a stop limit and know what your investing, have a strategy, control your emotion, don’t be greedy and most of all don’t give up cause it takes months not week or days.

del sol says:

Earning report strategy?? You’re an expert?? Maybe a faux-expert. This is garbage trying to lure newbie traders.

MyAccountBitch says:

Is this math for dummies?

Triskye says:

I’m fifteen years old in year 9 whats your opinion on what I should do if I want to get in stocks. I have a part-time job as well

Brian Kelley says:

Does anyone use Robinhood free trading? I’m trying it now and it is good not having any comission to pay on top of my trades.

LazyInfantry says:

Wow thank you so much!

Raff Kamis says:

Bro, you inspired me to start penny stocks. I getting more motivated each time I watch you videos.

In sha Allah, I am trading soon once I have fully prepared myself with the knowledge. Tks Zed.

Get it, get out, don’t be greedy! Yeah.

Romeo Lives says:

Golden nuggets baby!❤❤❤

Pedro Chermiti says:

I started yesterday.
Yesterday and today I made round about 10€ and 9€ with 200€ capital. I will try to be consisting (y)

xplusziefv says:

can you give some reccomendations of cheap brokers in the eu

Zed Monopoly says:

Basic trading tutorial
3 IN 1 Stock Course

The VeChain game Top notch crypto says:

What is your price prediction for litecoin in 2018

Liuv Suarez says:

My pullout game was strong Tuesday. Made my first Day trade Tuesday. Planet 13 spiked 7% by the opening bell. I put in $1,100. Pre market volume was strong. Once it went to 13% i sold and made 6% on my 1,100. It ended up spiking 20%. I missed on a lot profit but profit is profit. Took my money and walked away like a king. I just don’t have the time for the Earnings strategy. I will continue to practice until I have time. Love youz bro

David Ortiz says:

I made 22 dollars and 7 today

Психология отношений says:

Okay? Are there those who are engaged in earning lots of money? I assure to buy a couple of thousands Telegram tokens and forget about them for a year or two! Incredible growth is provided

Эдиард Альперович says:

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!! If you invest in ICO, it is necessary to choose qualitative projects everytime ! Here is for example ICO Telegram

Edwin Jansen says:

Zed your are selling people a dream. A dream that takes the same amount of effort as to learn a trade (a real skill like becoming a good software engineer). I takes a lot of time and a good mentor if you want to become skilful and consistent at a high level (at least a year as a software developer before you are anywhere near a decent level). I paper traded for a full month and I see no progress, because that is logical without a mentor. I did learn however that trading is a mental/psychological/emotional game. It is a crash course in personal development. And I am not willing to pay that amount of money for that course at this moment. Trading is hard and even harder without a clear learning path and mentor.

jeremiah parrott says:

Thanks zed

Steven Encinas says:

I’ve lost a lot on my stocks and just recently had to shut down my Ecom business. Pouring my self a glass of bleach tonight.

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