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Jānis Liepiņš says:

Tnx man.. what is your stop loss %? And daytrading? Open and close in one day? And are u invest all 5k for that trade.. or in many trades?

J.Manuel Rios says:

Patience and being conservative is KEY! I went 3-4 months of Paper Trading in the Red and repeating the LPP course over and over just to get my stubborn mangohead EGO out of the way. So I encourage everybody to please please Finish the course, try Paper Trading first and stick to your Risk managment Plan. It’s definitely helped me go Green

Darryl Strawberry says:

Damn I thought you were doing penny stocks only ala warrior trading penny stocks swindlers. Question with the pdt rule and not going off shores via suretrader, how do you trade only 3x per week on apps like Robin Hood? Are these swing trades only or day trades?

gregridd says:

what is this thing called growth? I have only seen the reverse 😀

John White says:

I make around 800-1200 per day or 3 to 4 percent, but I do throw in all my position in one stock and also trade with margin account with robinhood.

Abderrahim Ribani says:

in which university are we learn the trade .please

AZO UK says:

Ricky what platform for trading you using and what crypto you usualy trade ? is it bitcoin or stock ?

L R says:

Work 10 hours a day in a 10$ an hour job

Lightningproductions 29 says:

I need u

Dustin Bowe says:

All of you who are hung up on this $100 a day thing completely missed the point. If it has to be $100 3 out of 5 days of the week then so be it. I believe the point was to set realistic goals so as not to discourage yourself or over trade and blow up your account trying to be someone you’re not. Ricky answers pretty much every single question that has been asked in this list of comments. E.g. “What broker do you use?” “Don’t you need 25k to miss the PDT rule?” “How do I make 2% if XY an Z?” Perhaps we should be doing less commenting and trying to be a teacher and more watching Ricky’s videos and learning.. Every video I see a ton of people asking questions that Ricky has answered several times throughout his massive list of free videos. Clearly people come watch one or two videos and then start trying to add their two cents or ask questions. You fail because you quit as soon as you start. Stop expecting someone else to make you rich. Click the link above that says “Ricky Gutierrez” and hit the subscribe button stop typing and listen to the videos. Most of your questions will be answered many times over.

Musix says:

How do I even invest lmao

Matt Leigh says:

I’m sure Ricky’s done a video on it but is there any down sides to a cash account where you don’t have to follow the pdt rule?

Eric Niederwemmer says:

Hey, real quick, if you add a light that’s just as bright from the ceiling you’ll get rid of that circle on the white board. The extra brightness would help how dark it looks in there. Dope new studio! Those circle lights are sweet.

Mars21681 says:

Great video Ricky!

Seb says:

No penny stocks so what?

Lovely K says:

Nice shirt. Thank you for another awesome video.

Erickson Shed says:

Do you also trade forex?

Maitrayan Ghosh Roy says:

*1-1.5 % per day*

Ville Hyytiäinen says:

If it’s possible to make 2% a day constantly where are our trading multi billionaires?

Austin Mauri says:

2% daily is more than possible especially if you are trading options, 20 to 50% swings on calls and puts. Why more people don’t trade options i have no idea.

yscb1 says:

I see your light on the whiteboard 😀

Everyday Humor says:

6% gain a week is a more realistic goal with 3 trades a week…

Arick Ras says:

Just bought the course..!!!!! happy to get started..!!!!!!

Andrew Yoon says:

Regarding the sign on your wall. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the box around “outside the box” and “think” outside the box?

Swiftflikk says:

What if you reach your weekly goal 2 days into the week? Do you just stop trading for the rest of the week?

TheCornbeefsoup says:

Just trade futures. No PDT rule. Cheaper commissions. Pay less taxes. No scanners necessary. More liquidity. And in my opinion, easier to trade. Plus you can make wayyy more than 100 a day. Oh, and did I mentioned you can take short positions? Just make sure you fully understand how leverage affects your risk management.

But if you’re really set on trading stocks then you can use a broker called SureTrader where you can legally trade stocks without PDT rule but tread carefully when going this route.

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