How To Grow Your Robinhood App Brokerage Account | +20% A Week

I hope this video can expose you all to the understanding that you don’t need to be chasing the hottest stock to make money in the market. keep it simple, invest in what you understand, don’t force a trade and manage risk!

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sabrina brown says:

Hi, I was watching Tanners vlog and he introduced you and the Bitcoin investment community. Now investment was something I’ve always wanted to learn about and start but I never knew where I should start. I’ve watched 2 or 3 videos within the past 30 mins and I plan to watch more in the hopes of learning about the stock market and hopefully soon be able to participate and see growth. My next step will be to join your Facebook community and see what it is all about. I plan to be a serious investor but first I have to research and learn. Here on your channel i believe is a great start, so Thank you for your videos.

JD Wells says:

I appreciate the content you provide but the title to this video is misleading. It should’ve been “How I’M helping my SISTER grow HER Robinhood App Account”

Ferrara KidsClub says:

Hello, I just have one fast question. It asked me to give them my social security number in order to sign up? Is that ok to give out? I’m worried a little about that.

The Potion Shop says:

Trading only meme stocks like JNUG and AyyyyMD

Kenny Secord says:

can someone tell me where do i get this robinhood app??

freelance says:

Robinhood took my 31 shares left me with 10 after ung moved from$6 to $22 overnight. Can they do that?

Juan Murillo Jr says:

It didnt give me a free stock..

Nicolas Garcia says:

Add caption if you could please! Deaf here.

Carlos Alaniz says:

I thought it said “How to Grow Your Robinhood Account lol”

Renagade 987 says:

Then you get taxed at 40-60% …instead of the investor who holds the stock longer than a 1year and only gets taxed at 15%…he also doesn’t spent countless hours trying to make a quick day trade profit

Ryan Oberle says:

Hey man its not letting me join tech buds

Mr Ichi says:

Thank you very much for your helpful shares!

Would you like to observe my trading system which is very easy to use,steady profit through long-term,saving your time?


Tyler Ferrell says:

What is swing trading

Muhammad Anwar Hussain says:

Absolute nightmare brokerage!

Robinhood seemed a great app for the first time investor. There’s no fee! It acquired a great rating by lots of people. It attracted me, went for it and finally figured out that there is something seriously fishy. Robinhood linked my Citibank savings account for trading. They also put a verified check mark that my savings account is good to go for transactions. I invested $1000 and bought some shares from tesla, ge, Cisco and Ericsson. After 2/3 days they sent me emails that they could not deposit money to Robinho from the account that they themselves verified. They charged me total $120 reversal fee for four failed transactions. I called Citibank. Citibank checked that there were no transaction requests from Robinhood. I tried to contact Robinhood. They don’t have any phone support. I emailed but there’s no response at all. Now they are showing my portfolio as -$154.72. This is what happens when you trade using Robinhood.

Au Andrew says:

I am from Hong Kong. We do not have Robin Hood here in Hong Kong but some similar counterparts.

Theodore Rodriguez says:

Thank you for the information im new to this trafing on robinhood or trading in general

akcent koo says:

Great video

Angel Santos says:

Can you help me

Crazy Voodoo10 says:

Funny! He said “like that one quote. feed a man 1 fish he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish he eats everyday.” I think you mean that one guy JESUS! From that one book? You know, the BIBLE! Why do people stay away from embracing the one and only perfect person to walk this earth? Anyways, great video though on getting started. I’m a beginner myself, and I think this video can help. Thank you for taking the time to make this video! P.S I wasn’t trying to be hurtful or nor mean. I just wanted to point out a fact about every person who lives and uses Jesus’s teachings, but don’t give credit where credit is due. That’s all! Thanks again!!

Tim Sayers says:

I wish he would slow down. Was going to take his course, but his delivery pace is no good. Slow down Ricky.

Brandon Taylor says:

Ayyyye go sun devils

Ivan Santana says:

I was curious to ask about if anyone has sold their share on robinhood and how much percentage do we pay for taxes and is there any additional cost or hidden fees when selling a share on the app? I have shares that have gains but want to know approximately how much “net” income I would actually get from those shares?

Ancient Of Days says:

Blah blah blah…..

Scotty S says:

Middle age guy here and I’m so green to investing and been watching your videos. I have little capital and have 800.00 hard earned bucks already in Robinhood app. All this information is very good and I know that I have tons to learned. What would be your advice to me investing moderate aggressively without losing my shirt?

Dan S says:

or maybe its cause of all the free stocks with the share link..

drwestlund says:

wow ive never heard anyone talk so much and not say a god damn thing. Thanks for wasting my time, dude. I couldve been listening to someone actually tell me something asshole

Kyle Brower says:

How’s it going man, enjoyed the vid, I’ve hit about 110% growth in 30 days, but I can definitely say I got lucky, but it was partly strategic. I definitely was focused on the trade and debating on what be Time manner would be overstaying. I sold it off for a 25% gain in one day trade, with my luck the stock dropped immediately afterwards. Patience is definitely required when traded. When I first experimented with trades I was super messy, not being patient and selling off small loses because I wanted to reallocate my money. I enjoyed the video is kind of the direction I’m already taking, glad I found your vids I’ll continue to watch.

Sol Smith says:

12 minutes of Rambling…. about everything besides growing your robinhood account by 20% a week.

Jay Scott says:

Great vid! Cant get over how many times I heard “uh” though! lol

ArghRawrWhoa says:


gary howard says:

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Malick says:

What’s the % $ you can borrow to trade with Robinhood?

william harbin says:

thank you very much for taking time out of your calender or days (of which im sure is jam packed) with projects to make these videos.i have got some what of a grip, on basic fundamentals of the stock market . Absolutely every video ive watched, re-watched of yours, i learn something new every time i watch them. Once again its all foreign to me, just starting to gain traction mainly because im just starting out trading, 5 days ago. But you break it down to a level beginner’s can attempt to wrap their minds or heads around. I absolutely and sincerely want to think you for putting your time in to help beginners to minimize their setup time, risks, and losses. Its helped me understand a serious amount of info in a very short time. Thanks again. P.s. your sister is a stone cold fox. Lol i hope that made you smile or laugh.

hesham elshwihy says:

Can you explain when to buy and when to sell stocks in detail for a beginner explain what we look for… can you show an actual buy and sell that I can repeat after you

Nolen Bjorge says:

What Can I do if I’m 16

ravel bella says:

It is sweet of you helping your sis…

Harry McRae says:

Thanks for the awesome advice my friend.

Matt F says:

I wish my big brother gave me stock advice

SummerSystem says:

I’m excited for your sister haha she’s got a great mentor/financial advisor

Mr. Sticks says:

That intro was so cringe. I’m sorry man, it just was. Thanks for the info though.

2guysnofries says:

Did you say you go to school at asu in Arkansas

Paris Holmes Films says:

Do you know Frank Darby. That’s my little cousin. He plays football out there

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