I hope you all enjoy this video that kaleb & weston put together to kick start 2019 on a green note! a HUGE passion of ours are cars, and luckily we do this as a group and enjoy every minute of it!

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Leonardo De Abreu says:

That pronounce of McLaren, love it Hahahaha

Joe Acevedo says:

Ricky cursed hah

Ion Caisin says:

Bro, what do you think about binary options?

Inoshikacho Inoshikacho says:


Ismael Marquez says:

these guys are HILARIOUS! make sure to give them a follow/subscribe!

Abraham Torres says:

What in the McLaren f#$@ just happened

bakeddave says:

on a real note thank you for your videos,its taught me alot

Tristen Schern says:

I’m making money in 2019! It’s my time, it’s my year! Ricky and team, what can we do to create a more localized, success hungry group for us in AZ trying to pave the way for ourselves?

Wayne's Data says:

It you only had 10 or 20k how would you invest it? Cars, stocks, other?

wen li ritchie lee says:

Real investor dont spemd money on extreme expensive car.

Weston Moore says:

Boh that maclaren was pretty sweet.

Prince Kid says:

How did they get their funds up to afford these cars?

e d says:

two girl next time pls..

yue vang says:

Firs…. *ad pops up*

SAYTEN says:

ricky needs firearms license now

Jimi Thomas says:

more car videos pls

Lil Chicken says:

@Ricky Gutierrez Should my brother buy a Ferrai 488 Pista Spider? He really wants to, what do you think? 🙂
And how many cars do you have? Ricky

Trevor Powers says:

Just bought a 2010 mustang for 5,300! Planning on selling it in the spring for 7-8,000
(near Chicago mustangs are really popular)

Nakarito says:

This wasn’t a how to video, it was like a review/preview.

Emily Rogers says:

Woah – crazy to be mentioned in a video! Thanks guys!

Besbacito says:

I love you guys and aspire to be like you Ricky!

Inoshikacho Inoshikacho says:

Dood I came here for the fun sh*t and departed a smarter gentleman

FrankJDM says:

I realised that with everything now I bought a Brand New Car for 35k in 2015 its now worth 9-11k after I fixed it though from the Hybrid battery going bad rhat Dealer wanted to charge me 6k and I fixed it for $180 by buying a used battery that cheap and swapping it myself I realised there is Money in fixing Messed up Hybrid Battery Cars and have found a few cheap cars to resell just need capital to do it.

vinnyisntgud says:

You gotta change the McLaren model every few months to keep the local police on their toes

Fish Army says:


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