How to (LEGALLY) Make Money Trading Penny Stock Pump and Dumps

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0:30 I want to utilize all different kinds of companies and stocks in the stock market to get me richer. Pump and dumps and penny stocks have worked for me.

0:50 A pump and dump is not always going to be a penny stock and vice versa.

1:10 What is a pump and dump? It’s when someone lies and “pumps up” a stock or a company or a technology to get people to purchase stock. It’s pumping and lying.

2:00 Companies will put out misleading press releases to purposely inflate their stock prices.

2:30 Companies lie because they want to pump up their stock prices, collect the profits and then dump the stocks.

3:00 Sometimes you might think that a company is legitimate but in reality, there are all kinds of nefarious individuals in penny stocks.

4:00 For me, all of this pumping and dumping is very predictable and you can learn the patterns. You can learn to spot the fakes.

5:00 For me it’s very easy to look at the FCC filings and get to the truth. That’s how I make money. You can ride the hype, make profits and get rid of the stock legally.

6:00 This is where my value comes in. I can see through the fakes, I can tell you how long a pump and dump will last and when it’s time to short sell. Pump and dumps are very predictable.

7:00 People who haven’t studied and who aren’t doing their homework will lose in pump and dumps. Many people find me when they’ve lost all of their money in a pump and dump.

8:00 Nowhere else in the stock market do you have this kind of predictability.

8:20 Leave a comment if you have any questions about pump and dumps. There are predictable signs with pump and dumps and I can teach you how to learn these signs, too.

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I’m 13 and came here trying to learn how to pump and dump

TheWorlds Greatest says:

Teach me I hate going to work…

Tim Bo says:

Thanks Tim. I’m beginning to underatand! I enjoy when you tell it like it is. Looking forward to having fun with penny stock strategies. Peace and joy.

Jennifer P says:

Always great info! Thanks Tim! Hope I can trade with you soon

denise west says:

I’m into it learning all i can

William Rust says:

Why don’t you use options on pump and dumps?

Seth Fenby says:

Awesome! Very helpful as always!

Faham Parsa says:

hi Tim can you research the forex markets too? because there are a lot of scams out there too

777dingo says:

What happens with a stock like HDVW when last friday the CEO of the company was charged with a pump and dump scheme and the trading was suspended, will the stockholders ever get their money back? will trading ever resume, maybe with new management?

Javier Giron says:

It sounds controversial, but also interesting and if you put a bit of mind to it, it starts to sound quite attractive!

Kay Dee says:

cant short stocks in Bursa Malaysia tho : (

Edward Paterson says:

Great informative video, Thanks! Just a question in regards to shorting penny stocks… you mentioned that your broker doesn’t always have the shares for you to short, is this a frequent occurrence? I tried shorting with a Canadian broker (trading US securities) and out of 5 short sells I tried to place, they all got rejected due to the broker not having the supply. I’m assuming I need to open an account with a more reputable broker?

steve rychetsky says:

Thanks for the background information on Pump-and-Dumps. Very Valuable.

Chrystal Coyer says:

Thank you… Would you care to help a 50 something year old lady get her retirement right # teach me

Maria de los angeles says:

You’re a genius… I just started to learn about Penny Stocks, greetings from Colombia and thanks for the Youtube videos.

Sikander Ali says:

How can I get an iron discipline in trading? People tell me to paper trade but I do well there and then suck real trading. pls help

Maxwell Smart_086 says:

yeah – during the day you trade pump and dump penny stock – than you go the gym do pumping iron, dump them into the rack – great day. Many greetings from Schwarzenegger. Pump again!!! Don´t forget to raise the weight each set you pump.

Terrence Hargrove says:

I want to learn more.

John Giannopoulos says:

good stuff

Pathfinder767 says:

If you did a live video proving you make money this way I might take you more seriously. Otherwise you fall in the category of all the other smooth talking scammers who make their money selling courses. People should learn on their own and paper trade before wasting hard earned money on a scam.

Peter Kinanang says:

Thanks, I kept on learning thru your site. & YouTube videos.

Flaco bangs says:

I’m curious as to what you have to say about Patriot 1 technologies, that’s a penny stock, 1.60 a share, and the potentials is unbelievable. And they have no competition. Hopefully someone reads this.

Parker Carey says:

I enjoy finding a company that frequently pumps its price. Then buy at a found bottom and just wait for them to pump it again. Its also litty if they know how to mask their shit well because it makes for a better bump.

kevin espina says:

Do you have a tutorial/guide on how to read SEC filings?

Orange Sin says:

Hi i would love to join ur community, but i am from Malaysia, i might be unable to stay up whole night for trading, becoz i have my full time job currently. Please advise me if it is workable for me to do intraday trading in US stock market as a Malaysian.

Btw, your teaching is pretty logic. People tend to hold on their believe with long term investing, but long term investment only work with good fundamental company, and u cant reasonably predict the performance if u dont know about management. Forget about fundamental growth company, u simply put ur bet for long term, there are a lot of uncertainties too, it is no different from betting short term.

Mauricio Manrique says:

Hi Tim; which platform would you recommend for Canadian? the most popular platform are only for USA citizens.

Charles Washington says:

Question do you any african American millionaire students?

Luis Gomez says:

Mr. Sykes, very informative video. Curious about what “short selling is”.

Sam Fieres says:

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Acee Vee says:

random ass cough lol.

beingmyself000 says:

It’s funny reading what people post on OTC market message boards. Longs who got in late and are brimming with hopes and dreams. It’s sad even though you cant take anything they’re saying literally.

Rick Fx says:

Hey Timothy, One question here: Do you think that in order to make money you need a bunch of it first?

chein33 says:

Tim what about a pro bono, for a veteran? first time in my life to through that card.Thanks

Sara Wilcker says:

I wish I could do this stuff already.

Boss Master says:

Evan Wrekn vs. Dope Flows

Spartan-Surfer says:

It sounds like a marriage it’s not an issue if the marriage will fail it’s an issue when the marriage will fail :)))

blessed 10 says:

how do I get in contact with you?

Alibek Nakipov says:


Arbaz Hussain says:

Which broker do you use to short penny stocks?

A A says:

Is aker a pump and dump

Carolynn Manor says:

Thumbs up!

Jasmina Nikolic says:

Very informational for beginners like me!

Duane Bare Bones says:

would love to learn more about this and make money for my family

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