How To Make $500 Day Trading In The Stock Market

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Ellis Warmington says:

Travelling to U.K.?

Justin Y. says:

You’re the next tai lopez.

MrPanDacious says:

Hey Ricky I’ve learned so much off of your videos, but I just wanted to ask how do u feel about options?

Mr Strange says:

Not sure if Ricky will answear here on Youtube but here goes.

Ricky, if you have not already talked about this in a previous video but do you mostly use a chosen TP target, a trailing stop loss or do you move up your sl manually? Thanks

Steven Whetten says:

When do you normally do the trades b/c I work from 8 to 5?


Fuxk out of here

Aa Grgr says:

Hi, amazing video as allways. What is the name of the indicator that shows the red, pink and yellow lines? Thank you so much for your help and knowledge

Brandon Gonyea says:

I am confused where your profit is coming from (I know your profit is legit I’m not calling you out). DGAZ had profit of $403, you said that you invested $1000 into the market max, the low of DGAZ is $20.37 with a high of $21.09 ($0.72 increase) so if you invest $1,000 than you get 49 stocks, the max you could have made if you bought at the lowest low and the highest high is $35.28 cause 49 stocks multiplied by the increase of$0.72 is %35.28…. I feel I’m missing something, I know your legit but I’m just not understanding something…

Bobby Porter says:

Hey you need to call me and let’s buy and flip. Some properities… I’ve got a great idea for consistantly rental income…

Tracy Adams says:


Rich Wang says:

Can’t do scalping with day trade restrictions 🙁

Perry S says:

I want to use thinkorswim to i cnt thanks europe anyone Some advice?

Beom-seok Hyungsik says:

you are the best

Jon King says:


Anonymous says:


Dont do it says:

What indicator is the red line on the top?

Lucas Connelly says:

UWT jumped 10% today

Lester Diaz says:

The most I’ve made in a single was about $800 but I did it with basically Facebook and 2 blogs using affiliate ads, now consistently making $500 daily I’m working on it 😉

Dr. Kevin says:

Can anyone get into trading?

black adomm says:

🙁 жалко я тебя не понимаю


I fuxk with the real plug…my boy tim

NZT 48 says:

What app should I use for day trading

bonestock says:

I have to say, this channel is absolutely inspiring whether you’re an investor or not. Ricky seems completely legit, humble, transparent, and gives off a type of energy that makes you want to improve your own financial status regardless. Keep up the fantastic work! Clearly your dreams have become your successes in life! ~Salute

Dassd Schsdu says:

When will you be back?

Nora Hola says:

How much roughly do you invest in each position? Also whats your opinions on investing in Commodities?

Batbayar Agvaansharav says:

do you have a chat room while you are trading in thinkorswim?

Eternal Zoom says:

My day was kinda flat still made money but small. Though I’m up 105% on my total account in 5 months cause of watching your youtube videos. Adding more money to my account in 7 days so bigger sizes soon.

Shef Field says:

How do I get link to your Discord?

Vinh Huynh says:

I made 26 dollars off of $400ish invested. I think that’s a win

m00gles says:

How do you get access to the discord?

Dr. Kevin says:

How long would it take an average person to make decent money by trading

Timothy Stanley says:

What does scalping mean?

AtheneXD says:

I’ve seen too many Youtubers in this category that are sell-outs on their own products. Glad to see young and humble guy saying everything clearly and not being sell-out. Please don’t change.. You just earned a new sub.

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