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this guy is really stunning , penny stocks squad!!! where they at?

Info Planet says:

Wow this was amazing man, thanks for the upload :O

CheechPPW says:

I can’t turn off the ads anymore. Used to be that you could top them after a few seconds but that option is gone. Takes too long to get to your video.

jason hoff says:

Hey so I have a question I’ve been doing research but still confused by this. so let’s say I buy apple and sell in the same day and then buy Tesla and sell in the same day as I did with apple does that count as 2 day trades or is that just one??

MatrixParadise says:

Hi Ricky. Thanks for all the advice. It really is making a difference and starting to sink in. I have been putting in 10-16 hours a day trying to learn as much as I can over the past week and a half. I didn’t even sleep tonight because I’m trying to study enough to understand how to make a trade that gets me 5-10%. I’ve used Ameritrade and am trying to utilize it more and more to make more informed buys and sells. I gained 2.5% two days ago, then .5% the next day when I could have done 12% on buying Lennar (I missed out on that because I was so tired I had to sleep, plus I wasn’t sure at the time of what kind of stock to invest in). Today I’m hoping for a better day. Thanks for the informative videos!

Johnny Encinias says:

Great job Ricky. Lots of useful info. I love your advice. Keep up the great work.

D G says:

Thanks for this video and congrats! I am contemplating buying your course. Consider making a brand name for yourself if you have not yet already!

TheTacoProduction says:

You should do more of these live trading videos they really help you understand the patterns as they play out.

Mikro says:

How big was his position to make $600 profit??

Suava Lomax says:

Hey Ricky my names suavã and I’ve been homeless for about 6 months living with friends and family but I’ve been watching you for the past 6 months and I just got a job 2 days ago and I wanna save up to 10k and then Ik 100% that your course will help me get ahead in live. Thanks so much for the video

Caleb HOLLOWAY says:

Ricky u should have held for ten or fifteen min it pushed up to 22.35 at 11:26 .i was listening to your live cast with my dad who has ur course it awsome btw u still did the rite thing u covered profits and that’s all we are after anyways rite

Shady 80's says:

Great video Ricky! I’m new to all this and your teachings have been very helpful. I just started trading a few days ago and I’m green 2 days in row! Thank you for the guidance

Pedro Gonzalez says:

Good morning @Ricky Gutierrez do you offer any discount or promo code for the pay plan? Thanks in advance.

Zashimi X says:


Azzeddine Ahroud says:

same luck bro, but it’s all good. always walk away with profit.

Michael Bousquet says:

Mr. Ashton Clegg has earned both my trust and respect, I considered my investment with him a bubble until it paid off. Really changed my perspective of him, just glad I took the right decision. He has tripled my total net worth in just 4 months, with profit totaling up to $785,000. Ashton clegg all the way. His contacts are ashtoncleggg @ gmailcom or whatsapp +1 ( 518 ) 351 – 9039..

Asif Mulani says:

Can you please make a video on.. how to use Fibonacci retracement ?? To analyse of stock reversal

Niko Rokas says:

Hey Ricky, what platform I can use to trade on iOS (iPhone)? Please answer bro 😉

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