How to make a living trading Cryptocurrency!

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I show you how to make a few small trades every day, and make the same amount of money you’d get in an average entry level job EVERY WEEK!!



I’m a business owner, entrepreneur, crypto-trader, crypto-miner and proponent of internet privacy and the new free economy! I have created this channel to share some of the knowledge I’ve learnt as I’ve grown and profited from the crypto economy.

My NUMBER ONE Cryptocurrency to invest in is:

My long-term holds are: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, ANS(NEO), STRAT, STEEM, GNT, XRP, XMR, DASH, XEM, BTS, OMG, PAY, SIB, IOTA, ZEC, SC and XEL! (Diversification is key!)

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For trading, I recommend Bittrex:

If you ever make any money off my advice, I’d appreciate a donation, (worth a try!).

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Afzar Nasoordeen says:

Don’t really know how to thank you because all the videos until this one was a pitch with an agenda and not really what the title claims it to be. You are gold and worth much more to humanity. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you.

Martin J Falls says:

If you dont leave too much money on Brittes, where do you buy your Lisk?

Firebay says:

nice one bro…….

Crypto Kevin says:

Glad to hear that you are making a living trading. I hope this is still working for you. I’m tired of the banks trying to cutoff my funding source. I want the society to adopt cryptos but I guess we are still 2-3 years away from that. This way we won’t have 3rd parties getting interfering in commerce. Like it should be.

Raybo sflorida says:

soooo,if i buy $2k ,which is what,,.18,,,,,how much will this be if goes up 1000,,,thks!!!great video

Sergey Milyukov says:

Don’t you have it backwards? When the short-term moving average dips below the long-term, it’s time to sell, not buy. Am I wrong?

Mike Panocatapolis says:

It is my opinion that the bankers will use the miners greed to make it so expensive to move crypto, the banks will then provide a solution. Just watch.

Dennis Mason says:

What would someone look for when deciding which crypto to watch if they wanted to use this method? Is it based on trade volume, price of the asset, or what exactly? Is an asset in the 10 dollar range about right? Thanks

John Milton says:

Does this still work?

Are you trading full-time?

Elohisa K'Inan says:

Hello I am new to cryptocurrency investing, are you able to help me set everything up and give me some guidance on how to generate weekly returns on investment? I live in Australia and have already set up coinspot and bought some BTC. What do you think of USI-Tech?

Deplorable #1 says:

I really want to start doing this, but I am so confused! I would have to start off really slow, like $100 bucks a month, would you be able to give me a strategy with that small of a budget to start out with?

Van lopez says:



AMEX + Ripple!

Rol M says:

Why you just talk how to get cash from bittrex, to your bank account and what is the limits are

Harry Nguyen says:

love the clip

smilingtimes says:

Thanks been working online traveling the world and have fell in love with crypto great way to earn cash

Eric Malysa says:

I really like your style. I agree with starting small and building up your skill and trust in your judgment. I was a bit hazy on when to buy. I think you meant to say when the blue is significantly under the orange line or was it candle? Some clarification would be appreciated.

Katia Swerts says:

I love the reality of these video’s. Its like sitting in your living room, talking about crypto’s. Having your wife walking in the picture just adds to this reality-feeling.

username says:

Thanks for this vid. I seriously got into day trading after watching it and I’m now in a position where I could safely quit my job, and spend more time day trading (thus earning even more lol). Huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Denys Podkopailo says:

Please, guys, need help. How to buy small coins like Ark, Cardano etc and then transfer to your wallet if Jaxx, Exodus doesn’t support those kinds of currencies? Am I be able to transfer them to Ledger S? Is that my only option​?

Michael Borucki says:

This garbage. Do not listen to what this guy says. It is 100% garbage. You CANNOT make a living doing this. He gets paid to feed garbage and there is a conflict of interest. Leave this channel and save your money.

Inbound Entrepreneur says:

Thank you 🙂

Pretentious Bear says:

Great job man, ive been poor my entire life, I just got into trading this stuff. Sad thing is I am a super computer nerd, right out of high school me and my buddy mined like 350 BTC like the first week it came out just to see what they were talking about. No idea where there at 🙁 I will die poor, at least im not 3rd world poor

Kristaps Aboltins says:

Hi man. Great method. Learning how to do day trading. You always do 30 minutes?

utterlyexiged says:

guys whats the best way to sell btc and transfer back to a uk bank account?, coinbase wont respond to me or verify my account to enable a transfer so avoiding them, thanks!

David Rosenberg says:

Beat video ive seen o. Crypto mate! You helped me so much. I’m a smart guy.. But never found my calling. This is really interesting.

Brandon Read says:

Hey Krypto digger, how do you feel about Electroneum?

kesh nair says:

Excellent video mate!

AlphaManga says:

great video mate

SuperDan says:

This video was really well done, but I cant find any video out there on how to make the crypto currency to begin with….. I dont understand what it actually is, like do you make it on the websites? Or do you make it on your own PC and then sell it.

Haiden G says:

Now if only I was not broke.

Im just having a difficult time even finding full time work. I went from working for myself, 5 years doing SEO, to developing depression and becoming broke.

Sad part is, I started buying back in early 2010… and.. yeah…

classicjukebox says:

what is the “bit trex” that he is talking abotu???

politicalsheepdog says:

It is all pretend internet money, especially if the North Koreans manage to launch an EMP attack frying all the computers and turning off all the electricity.  But, until then, I’m in.

Daniel Berry says:

I like the idea of day, or swing trading.  Did it with commodities years ago, got greedy, and lost it all.  Cryptocurrencies came to mind a few weeks ago, and I got in, rebought technical books that I sold, but your simple methodology makes a lot of sense, so I’ll give it ago with my next rates on Bittrex. Thanks

Shane Bateman says:

What camera do you use?

Peter Jordan says:

Total newbie here. Subbed and liked. Really enjoyed the talk. Thanks

Maximus2ELZ25 says:

Thanks for the info, helps a lot

Jay Edward says:

Love your video! It’s very relaxed and concise. Looking forward to more!

Brandon Read says:

Hey mate! Just found your channel. Love it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. B

Bit n Mortar says:


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