How To Make A Quick $20,000 With Stock Trades

If you want to make money in the stock market with little exposure to risk, do this… Invest in good, steady utility stocks that pay a good dividend and re-invest the dividends into buying more shares over the years. I just showed you the stock I just bought and I’ll post more in the next couple of weeks.


toto wolf says:

Go plAy. Roulette or black jack instead

Jingle Jangle says:

Nice, the stock went up 62% during the end of 2014 from when you bought it at 17.70 in October of 2013. What a nice little investment.

Stanly Berthil says:

hahahah … i like how cool he is and how he keep it real

Keith Myles says:

lost me in the first 5 seconds

leebog31 says:

This is all good but investing in the dollar and the economy is dangerous.

WillyWill76 says:

24 today

Ross Family says:

that stock is at $26.00 right now


Yes I agree with what a couple of others said – it’s not as easy than some people make out to make money from foreign exchange and you can be likely to make a loss.You should be aware of this and seek advice from experts who’ve made cash. I looked round a few sites and found some expert help by searching google on websites like Trevs Exchange Tactics. Good luck and hope you profit soon!

Brendan Cottle says:

What program do you use when trading on the stock market? is it easy to use for a first time user?

William Wellman says:

*_My advice is not to enter the market without basic knowledge. Binary Options is a zero sum game. It’s complex, so you need math skills to understand the market trends and different algorithm. When a party wins, the other loses. So the competition is fierce here. But a good system well developed with high tech algorithm like CTM (just check this out here right now>>>>> _**_**_ ) can still break the custom. Really, risks come from not knowing what you are doing. So you have to research and analyse to grab the consistent success. In this regard, CTM can be a great solution to many of these problems because of its highly developed mathematical algorithm that can analyse the market trends within seconds. That’s why the success rate of this system is over 87% so far._*

Dimitrios Desmos says:

My good man, why make money when you can steal it.??, Storch and Argiris will laugh at you.

jd tmn says:

you should buy a catamaran and cruise and bank roll

Mark Singleton says:

preach brother

Jeff Moesta ygyi. says:

awsome video by the way.

John Newson says:

Do you know anything about Free Seas inc.?

Pamela Lucero says:

*_I can’t believe how someone could do binary option trading without _**_**_). app that is turning out to be something without which I can’t even think about trading. So give this app a go before making the decision of doing the trade on your own and with this result oriented app._*

Dr Bean says:

What stock market is he using?

Lena Stiffarm says:

thank you ! this video was very interesting and helpful. I plan on buying and trading some stocks soon

Krazy Minecrafter says:

What program/application do you use +kinghuman

Jeff Moesta ygyi. says:

do yo believe this stock is still valid mr king human.

The best Gamer says:


Galaxy | CS:GO & More! says:

spend $20,000 on your webcam

Marshall Mathers says:

I’m just a nigga trying to pay for college.

Sherie Schaefner says:

Finaly I make some real money, $534 this session *you can find this method on my strategy*

Cody Lenigar says:

Anybody has tried this after this video ? does it work?

LegendaryGamingChannel says:

I’m only 14 years old any tips on how I can become a billionaire before the age 22 or a rich guy period?

Air Penguin says:

this dudes head is the size of a watermelon

ted dy says:

Timothy sykes

Mike Anderson says:

If you want to trade, you usually learn from experience and need a decent amount of money to start with. If you are just a beginner with the stock market it’s better to buy and hold. I’ve tried trading with stocks that are up but still I lost money each time  unless I just got unlucky. Patience Pays in the stock market and when buying things that you want. If you want to live off dividends stocks like KMI, NLY and T are good to compound your money. I own all these stocks.

Peter Contreras says:

how do I find stocks that pay good dividends?

Viccy Que says:

garden weasels

DailyTime says:

What srtock website is this

Charles says:

Video Summary- I wear shades indoors. I have shit facial hair and an even worse hairline. My teeth look like that of a velociraptor and I talk down to people behind a camera lens. I also make youtube videos that say I am a successful trader but I am not in reality. Listen to me talk about my vacations.

Tammy Foster says:

*_Are you looking for an app that is free and at the same that provides guaranteed result? Than you need to see nowhere because this — > _**_**_ is not only free but it also gives results beyond your imagination with the success rate of more than 90 percent and the ability to on its own._*

Ronda Blair says:

Just by looking “sutu good plan” on Google, you can generate as much as 15k when you start your very own online business. You basically ought to consider it to discover all about it. We`ve been to several models and we didn’t notice even a little success. Yet this one works! It showed a lot of positive results. Just check it out now.

david fudge says:

*_Anything like this app can’t stay free for long and they are planning to charge some amount of fee for the signing up when the app (_**_**_ ) reaches certain number of members. You need to sign up before that because it is free and even if you aren’t satisfied than at least you haven’t paid any fee for it._*

Zak Parsley says:

thank you ill check this out man

Lazaro Martinez says:

shit its almost $24 today in 2016 . 3 years different

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