How To Make Free Money With Bitcoin Trading – Never Lose A Trade Again

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In this video we discuss a super simple Bitcoin trade that anyone can pull off, and anyone trading Bitcoin can make money while doing. Using simple Bitcoin support and resistance, we can set up a fail-safe trade that will bring profits on just about any Bitcoin breakout.

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*I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.*

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Hernan BTC says:

More videos like this one! Excellent content

Alien Grey says:

Just use trailing stops, if available. Breakouts are more risky than trends though, the manipulaters know that those chart patterns are irresistible bait for breakout traders. They know Jebb will be putting orders in just above and below the expected breakout zones so they’ll try to f him up. It may work though, they can’t manipulate every one or people would catch on and do contrarian style trades on them. There are bots programmed to recognize chart patterns and trade accordingly, so you might catch some of them. Probably not “free money” though.

Robert G says:

That’s leverage, you can only do that on Bitmex, I don’t trade on Bitmex.

Arthur de Vrome says:

I don’t sell Bitcoin only buy

ImPaulsive says:

That’s right… you have to have funds already of about 10-20+ bitcoins to make a difference in those very easy and never losing a trade again guideline. It’s that easy guys!

XY says:

Gtfo! You’re channel is not informative, i made a loan coz i believe ur stupid ass!

fred fred says:

back test this on historic data and see how much you lose.

bob ami says:

you’ make it sound so easy . most moves are fake-outs and you’re left with losses 99% of the time. if TA’s are so successful then i wonder why they’re selling mugs, shirts and discord memberships. be a genius and make shovels and sell them to miners instead of digging for gold.

Philson says:

Most clickbait title ever?

Hennie Joubert says:

I do it all the time, the only problem with Bitmex is while the breakout is in progress, system overload, and not easy to place ANY orders until price stabilize, or…price retrace further back than the opening order….I trade inside the triangle as well but stop as soon as we get close to break out or narrow point of triangle. Good vid Jebb. Show us more of your trade strategies.

Devin Salmon says:

Seems solid…taker fees and wicks are the only downsides i can see

Abhinav Saxena says:

In those false breakouts (wicks), sometimes we don’t have enough time to set a stop loss right below our order (in case our buy order gets positioned). What’s ur take on that jebb?

c3works says:

Have you had better results with this technique using buy/sell stop limit or market orders? With the stop market, you can get some pretty bad fills, but of course, with stop limits you may miss an otherwise great trade over a small amount

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