How To Make Money Anywhere – Especially with Real Estate and options trading – entrepreneur

Everybody wants to learn how to make money so I thought I would make this video. This goes beyond, trading stocks/penny stocks or options, and looks into how you can make money through almost any type of business. It is all about what you know! You can make money in real estate simply by knowing the right people, you don’t need to know how to flip a house or get investors. The main part of this video is essentially connecting people. Its not so much as to what you know, but who you know. Further, I am not saying that this is the main way you should go about making money, but this is def something to supplement any income and also to make money when opportunities come your way. When it comes to real estate, flipping, stocks, options, day trading or whatever, BE THE PLUG for the

Skip the first minute if you don’t want to see the Ferrari 🙂

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Lake Show says:

Once again man thanks for all this valuable information you’ve been puting on these videos! I’m really leaning more towards Real Estate, Stocks and entrepreneurship!

Camer0n97 says:

Currently sophomore in college majoring in finance. When I was a junior in high school opened my first account traded penny stocks within a few months lost everything. Since then been saving and further educating myself. Recently been looking a lot into options the idea of being able to trade blue chip stock with minimal capital is something that’s really benefits me. Guess what I’m really asking is are there any big mistakes you made when you first started investing in options and what are some things to avoid. Love the videos great info cheers.

TreyChance says:

big motivation man

Jovian Oliver says:

I like that you just give the information. Not once has he been like i’ll tell you the secret, just join my whatever. Legit, first hand this is what I did, and you can do it too just with some common sense

Ka Kay says:

What frat were you in? KΣ

Extended Stay Tucson says:

#zach Bryan Alpha Phi 😉 @Ka Kay

brogden20 says:

What exactly is your role in the mortgage/ real estate industry. I’m intrigued.
Keep up the videos, they are a motivation for many.

Gooby gpb says:

Do a house tour!

Zaid Alchalabi says:

why dont you just record without video
if you dont show your face ?

Mason Mooney says:

love your stuff man. would love to learn what you do and how to start off.

Extended Stay Tucson says:

#Jovian Oliver What frat were you in? KΣ @Daquan Scott

Daquan Scott says:

why does this video seem’s old

Ernest Rillman says:

I love you

zach Bryan says:

When I sign up for your program how long will it take for my Account to be activated

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