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Moshé X says:

Scalped both DGAZ and UGAZ 4% overall profit could’ve made more but had errands to run

FlashQandR says:

Yk, just casually make 5k today thanks to the most basic analysis of: ugaz or dgaz moves more than 9%? Easy. No need for diversity.

Josiah Vanderham - Investing says:

Trading ETFs is definitely the way to go, the fees are obscenely high when you factor in look through expenses like share dilution and arbitrage and market making fees.

Bob Coolnames says:

How much on average do u make a day?

34rager says:

is there a way you can record in 1080p ?

Shawn Q says:

Pre market lol

Haris Bokhari says:

hey ricky. how come u dont hold overnight? especially if you are bullish on the positions? you would double or triple your gains.

Trading Escapes says:

Nice win this morning Ricky.. wow! We called out UGAZ this morning as a possible trade but didn’t get in…. Keep killin’ the NG ETF’s. and sorry about the GTR. Have you ever been to the Nurbugring? We went this spring and it was an experience to never forget.

Leonardo De Abreu says:

I love how you explain everything Ricky, thanks for sharing with us you knowledge, keep up the good work brother :p Let’s finish this year Green

Adam Benini says:

I lost a bit on UGAZ today. But rode DGAZ for $1300 after the reversal

Dennis Deinum says:

which indicators do you use, and which inputs do u use??

Martial Art Maniacs says:

Somebody teach me how to trade…Ricky asked me to piss off

Dan Paulin says:

Nice IB agreement bro

RDH Hudson says:

I haven’t watched all of your videos on your DGAZ trades — but since it’s an ETF – do you still follow general technical rules, i.e., moving averages, etc… ???

King Cringe says:


AK 907 says:

Ricky, could you do a video on scalping a stock that gaps up quickly like Dgaz and Ugaz does? Whenever I take a position it tends to drop like 30 cents and then pushes up almost a dollar. Why is this? Maybe you made a video already and I just missed it…

Lawson One says:

Up $186 in simulation on SQs and TQs

Jun C says:

$1401 profit for DGAZ and UGAZ today!… (i wish its real money)

Josh Miller says:

Any Christmas discount for Lpp?

SteelRazorback says:

Drop in the bucket

Daniel Anderson says:

I thought you would not trade this because on the 180 day chart it is showing a down trend?

Stock Market 101 - Stock Market Videos says:

Great video, get that money

luchini 2393 says:

yeah could you tell us the platform

Tung Le says:

Ugaz dropped today? Is it worth buying today?

BAD4GOOD2 says:

Up $410 on a 2k account with ugaz for the day

Hunny Sunny says:

Plz add subtitles some of your fans are asian

Magoo Investing says:

Happy you’re being successful but it seems a little dangerous recommending NG to new traders every day. Unless you’re experienced trading and can day trade, new traders will be getting burned.

Mtb and downhill says:

How successful can you be trading stocks ?

Dextrome says:

Ugaz has now started to downtrend, what do you think the next play is? I’m waiting because there is no direction at all

JD David says:

How do you feel about E trade?

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