How To Make Money Day Trading For Beginners

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Andrew Sywy says:

As a pharmacist and specialized in diabetes monitoring devices.. look into ABT.. they came out with a new monitoring device known as the freestyle libre that became FDA approved in February 2018 however I’ve been see more and more push by prescribers for their patients to buy the device. I used to stock 1-2 of the libre in my pharmacy.. now 4-5 (which is a lot) Highly recommend looking into it.

Will Gaston says:

You should talk faster…there’s still a few people who understand what you’re saying.

jeronnaprr says:

what do you think about AWSM

Jonathan Azor says:

this might b a dumb question, but wen u say x amt of profit, that’s actually x amt that u have access to immediately? Do have that in ur acct that u can go out to a store n and buy with?

Dan g says:

Sometimes watching idiots speak makes more sense than a genius explaining how things work lol.

Neman Nikfarjam says:

if you are day trading and you buy some stocks Do you have to sell the stocks in under 24 hrs or you can keep it for a while …I am noob

Daleys Wild Gameplays says:

Yoooo ricky

Yung Creezy says:

Could you tell me any course for stocking…coz I have zero experience on this bro

Nick Rick says:

U have a a lot of money why is your audio so bad

Hyperthai says:

So im new here like everyone else, but im 12. Now you might be thinking, cmon kid you arent ready to be a business day trader guy like that, i mean wait a bit. But my dad is getting into daytrading and he says i should learn it and i could make us rich. Now this is because my family knows that i learn pretty fast. I learned a rubiks cube in 2 days. I play piano all the time with no one to teach me and know some things beyond my reach, i can hear songs by ear, and i am an overall pretty smart kid. So i wanna hear it from you guys. Do you guys think i should get into this or not?

Identical TWINS says:

Umm what?

Rosalicia Vitoria says:

Nice binary video, but the BEST BINARY STRATEGY is to find a reliable binary MENTOR/BROKER, Mr Luis Gray you are number one, and the best BINARY trader ever cheers to good life, i was scared and started with just $2000 and she made me $8000 in 6 days.


if someone is interested in FX trading IG qmtrades , check charts and DM me if you want me to teach you

Rado FX says:

stick to us companies trading and youtube….don’t go to bigger markets, cos i will wait for you there fish

Eman namE says:

How is this for beginners, I didnt understand one thing.

jcallesano says:

I was talking to Justin I mean what’s the best tactic for finding a good healthy stock in the first place? That’s the most important question before even attempting to trade on any online platform

J Home says:

Notice how he makes a video about a single day of success. Doesn’t talk about the other days where he lost, lost, lost……

atef hmem Atef says:

Is possible i can trade if iam in another country

Cindy D says:

Nothing beginner about this video

Snowden says:

You ramble on too long, just get to the point tbh

Restaurant Gear says:

this is like the 10th “beginner” video of yours that I am completely lost on…

Mr Sebai says:

Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “tips stock trading beginners” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Meyayce Piyathan Plan – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got excellent results with it.

Learn To Trade JA says:

I prefer IQ Option.. as I Made 29k in 9 Minutes with Binary Options..

Mervin De Guzman says:

Is there any good alternative like Robinhood in Canada?

Minadii says:

U said tos was free but its not. U have to open an account & deposit money to use it

mannyy jay says:

What software do you use to trade with?

laken marion says:

I made my first million from investing in Trading as a beginner, this expert is Mrs Terriese White, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I’ve had no course to regret ever since

Amine El Wahid says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about forex trading strategies that work try Loctavan Amazing Exchange Strategy (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.

Jarome Anderson says:

What is the best brokerage in canada

Destinee Brown says:

…definitely not for beginners lol

Identical TWINS says:

Ummm what??

Andy Fam says:

Anyone actually been successful doing what this guy says?


Why is everyone complaining… Shut up people of the comments n just be grateful for the time he is investing to educate u wat he knows

Tai Lopez but no lamborghini says:

Does anyone have a teachable account I can borrow? I do not have $300.

Avery Batema says:

Hi Ricky, I know your videos talk about how much money to start off with and investing you money but out of the 20+ videos that i have watched you never truly answered this question for me: How much of your investment do you put into that stock? Do you split your bank into portions like say for example 100 dollars into 10 dollar portions and 10 dollars across 10 stocks or do you put all 100 dollars in and hope for the best in that one stock? Im very new to this and going to start paper trading but just try to find a foundation to start with and practice with before growing into the money tree.

Aeryes says:

What software does he use to trade?

DbrowNick says:

What program are you using in this video to few the stocks data?

Mr. Vizard says:

You sound like a gay robot

Eternal Zoom says:

Up 20% today penny stocks is lit. Shew even Bitcoin was lit. Hey, Ricky saw you congratulate Austin on his first Lambo. Did not know you knew my old classmate.

Benlightened says:

Holy hell! I came in here as a beginner, you lost me way early. Definitely not a beginner guide. At least explain what the terms mean as you’re explaining them. I mean, its great you know what you’re doing and I applaud your success but if you make a video labeled in a way to get beginners to click you should spend more time explaining what things are and speak slower. Like, what program was that, what do the lines mean, what is a limit order?

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