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Dont do it says:

What are good alternatives for Robinhood in Europe?

Elena's Plates says:

Low key only watch these videos cuz Ricky is cute af

Jacob Rivis says:

I’m a part of the learn plan profit…but how do I view the live daily stream?

We The People says:

Uh hey dude i see You trending upwards and i would like to invest

Define Awesome? says:

Much love from Tucson. Keep going man! Wildcats > Sun Devils!

BehindTheBid - Daily Premarket StockTrading Show says:

Great video, like the idea of buying the TNDM dip. 2 analyst upgrades today too

Matt Kirks says:

Why do I always lose money when I sell my shares which have shown an $80 profit at the “Sell MKT” button in the active trader panel. If you know the answer can you please reply

Joke says:

Yo any good papertrading platforms for EU? Thanks in advance 🙂

Jacob Greene says:

Nbev took off today thanks to coke. Sold early, still made profits but there was room for more

Parker Moss says:

Up 10% in less than 3 months…..

praised puma says:

Love the consistency Ricky!

Minadii says:

U said tos was free but its not. U have to open an account & deposit money to use it

Avery Batema says:

Hi Ricky, I know your videos talk about how much money to start off with and investing you money but out of the 20+ videos that i have watched you never truly answered this question for me: How much of your investment do you put into that stock? Do you split your bank into portions like say for example 100 dollars into 10 dollar portions and 10 dollars across 10 stocks or do you put all 100 dollars in and hope for the best in that one stock? Im very new to this and going to start paper trading but just try to find a foundation to start with and practice with before growing into the money tree.

WikiTool says:

Dude I have that same shirt except mine has the small silver under armor logo on the chest.

Eternal Zoom says:

Up 20% today penny stocks is lit. Shew even Bitcoin was lit. Hey, Ricky saw you congratulate Austin on his first Lambo. Did not know you knew my old classmate.

B says:

I overslept mannn woke up at 11 couldn’t buy in and didn’t sell tilray lost BIG smh. Toughhh

Lester Diaz says:

This is quite helpful, I don’t make my money in trading, most of my income comes from affiliate marketing but I’m trying to learn day trading so this is definitely helps ✌️

Jeff Olson says:

Liking this comment will do nothing for ya

James Thomas says:

Switched from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade, confusing as hell 1st couple of days but now so much better and customer service is excellent. Anyone who is not afraid to learn new platform should make change.

raul david says:

Man I can speak with you ? For real on phone or email, whatever you want , plz very mouch

Pepperoni Niplz says:

Im 15 is it too soon to start investing?


What are some good paper trading platform?

Tai Lopez says:

Does anyone have a teachable account I can borrow? I do not have $300.

Ibrahim Salman says:

What is the middle view off, bottom view off (those three lines) ? Are they bollinger bands ?

B says:

NBEV did really good today

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