How to Make Money Day Trading with 4 Simple Steps (with Proof of Rs 60000 profit in a Month)

In this Video, I will be showing you the 4 Simple Steps by following which you can make Rs. 50000 to Rs. 60000 every Month by day trading. In this trading strategy, we have to trade stocks intraday only 5-7 days in a month. It’s a very Simple Step by Step guide.

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Devendra Parab says:

Super COPY Suresh

sajid sk says:

Sir Ye Method bank nifty may hi use kar sakte hai kay ? future trading ke liye ? please reply

mubin kodawala says:

Bhai kya mila copy krke?

mubin kodawala says:

Baap baap hota he…….orBeta (chor) beta hota h

ashwani jaisawal says:

Gaand me dum ho to kisi aur ka technique copy na karo

Govind Tidke says:

Moving average Value?

impulse technical says:

well Copied bro 🙂 Such a *#$ you are 🙂

impulse technical says:

well Copied Super Women 🙂

Mohd shamsh uddin says:

copy kiya huwa vedio.. aur startgy bnifty see stocks pe shift kardiye.. can’t get profit with this strategy u can’t trade bnifty strategy in stocks… cheater u copy this strategy from impulse technical channel

Atreya Chakroborty says:

Why do you need to do such shameless stuff for money buddy? you would have been earning more than youtube pays you for views on a copied video, had you been using the strategy yourself. what an asshole!

Biswapriyo Kundu says:

copycat…..this IMPULSE TECHNICAL’S strategy

Raju Gupta says:

Mr. Copy Suresh ,Plz dont COPY the content of others Hard work,
I appreciate, if you provide your own profitable strategy (if you have)

The beginners world says:

Copy Cat, shut your channel, dont cheat others, tera laptop thod dunga yahan se!!!!

Pradeep Singh says:

you have copied this from Impulse trading YouTube channel. You have copied from Harshubh Mahesh Shah. Please do not do this again…

Basavaraj Ghali says:

My dear SuSu,

What’s the logic to decide which bank stock to trade based BN. Do you know that Karnataka Bank is NOT part of BN. Also, if it’s part of BN – how can you say it wud move as per BN. Please note that Bank stocks collectively decide BN movement and NOT BN decides stock movement. BN is INDEX.

Gautam Biswas says:

Be genuine and honest with ur ideas, don’t copy it…

Govind Tidke says:

In live trade is it possible to place order as said by you that middle of the candle ?. how to place order for such type of trade in live market?

Satish Kumar Sangam says:

abhe oy…. sale… theri… chooth… bewakooofff…. 06-04-2017 DCB bank bearish candle pattern banaya tha… wo chod ke kyun thu Indusind Bank le liya.. wo bhi 03-04-2017 wala… sab there marji hai kya… pichakuntla badakaaav… neee… sale… pagal banare kya… suvvar ke bache… theri gaanduuuu….. itna log tere gaali lere.. tere ko kuch bhi sharam nahee lag raha hai kya saaleee….

Mohsinkhan Chauhan says:

This is harshub shahs video its old.

Injeel Ahmed says:

Team IMPULSE TECHNICAL are here… kuch toh sharam karlo super suresh…

sajid sk says:

best work sir … very nice…. Ek Number.
(Y) (Y)

bebinanda says:

tere gand mein dum nahi hai. to copy kyun kar raha hai

mubin kodawala says:

Zillat or beijjati

Jitesh Datta says:

khod ka formula bataao,, copy mat karo.

Akshay suvarna says:

copy cat copy cat 🙂


These kind of videos are basically very dangerous for people applying these technique bcos basics of trading is not followed no stop loss or any kind of levels are not said just trade on perception. general users don’t have a clue regarding future lot size and price. Paper trades are OK but actual trade investor discretion is advised.

Arnab Das says:

You copy cat….put your video down

Piyush Chaturvedi says:

from cheating 1 can pass the exam but cant get a job…..
so please kisi ko gumrah mat karo….

Nimai Parida says:

Thank u for nice video. Chori ka sehi video behetarin hai. Keep it up .

vivek chaturvedi says:


Amol Shinde says:

Why can’t you be original and innovative like Impulse technical rather than copying his Stratergy ..Its utter shame..!!!

felipe martinez says:

Why the fuck is the title in English if you can’t understand shit from the video

Sachin Kansurkar says:

copy from impulse Technicals , Harshu is very talented Guy than others…

santanu says:

this logic is copied from impluse technical …

Deven Zaveri says:

remove the video

Mohd shamsh uddin says:

fraud spammer cheater copy cat

A S T says:

Yaar atleast you can put a reference about impulse technical channel, it couldn’t make any difference to your subscriber, they might be happy to know that you are sharing your source of learning.

Deven Zaveri says:

show live trade during market hour’s, and show a ledger of the trades done and not in excel. show the consistency in contact notes and financial Leger.

Nirman Das says:

if you don’t have anything than shut your chanel

Raju Gupta says:

why you copied this from impluse technical……..

Deven Zaveri says:

simply copied from impulse technical Mr harshub shahs website. please get a life. do so research of your own. simply showing copied strategy won’t fetch you anything.stop fooling people.

Mohd shamsh uddin says:

jaldi vedio nikaldo .. copyright case is on d way.. lol

Loyal and Faithful says:

what did he say???????????????????????????????

Mitesh Soni says:

Bludy hell man !!! THIFF. …..This stretegy stolen from impulse technical. …… remove this video man this is not your own idea !

Satish Kumar says:

U Idiot…. Chor… Copy Cat…. Y u copying from impulse technical? Don’t hv ethics and values? U bloody thief… First delete this video immdtly…

Ankush Mehra says:

You Racist, If u are really a annalist the make your own strategy… Why Yaou Copied Our mahaguru Harshub sir from Impulse Technical ,,

sunil b says:

If you have self respect, pl. shut down your channel, DONT COPY THE STRATEGY from other channel…

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