How to Make Money on Etoro

Etoro is like no other trading platform, offering the ability to spy on and copy experienced and highly successful traders.
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So if your looking to learn how to make money on etoro? you have come to the right place…

The video includes tutorial on all basic features of etoro, how to buy/sell stocks and how to copy a trader etc.

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Sultan Trader says:

so if i open an account people can just start copying me as well? and what would i earn if they copy me

Death 4 us says:

Sorry as just a beginner and been recommended Etoro. Can you tell me is it safe to keep it on the exchange as seeing time and time again to keep it in a hardware wallet. Is this correct? Just waiting for my Ledger to arrive. Thanx

thierry cdecho says:


Why did ETORO did not refund to me the 72.98US$ unduly charged since the orders to buy Ripple altcoins was not
placed by ETORO as requested (ETORO did not place the order submitted on December the 12th 2017 but retained the fees!!!).

Therefore the amount ETORO had to credit me back in my Credit Card, was not 1073.72US$ but rather 1146.70US$ instead.

Why this DID NOT HAPPEN ???

I would also like to point out that ETORO generated an easy low-risk to no-risk profit to itself by doing arbitrage with my deposit of 1000EUROS (one thousand euros).

Indeed, I did a 1000Euros deposit on December the 12th which ETORO deposited in my account at a rate of 1.1467 dollars to the Euro.
So the amount deposited was 1146,70 dollars.

But ETERO charged my credit card on December 14th when the dollar was 1.1728 to the euro. An arbitrage to ETERO’s benefit off of my deposit
transaction of US$26.00

Other than that, ETERO charged me fees for doing nothing (ETERO did not place the orders to buy Ripple altcoins as I had requested to do) but
charged me anyway (regardless of not placing any order) a total of 72.98US$.

This reduced unduly my equity from 1146.70US$ to 1073.72US$ (see screen snapshot attached).

These fees of 72.98US$ are undue and therefore I request a refund of my original deposit of 1146,70US$.

Tafadzwa Gwanongodza says:

Thank you so much for the clear explanation. How do I keep the profit from going down in the virtual acc

Hayden Harris says:

I do not know how Etoro and the likes are allowed to exist, its the worst type of pyramid/ MLM and the advert would not be allowed on television because its wildly ambiguous. Desperate people are loosing their morals.

Daniel Cervantes says:

Hey bro can i have your etoro link??!

Mo hane says:

Hi, Thanks for the video on toro, can you please explain how to withdraw money from the account on etoro, to uk based bank…thanks

Olly Marland says:

How do you know which stocks/ people to invest in ?

Pedja zahorjanski says:

can I use etoro from serbia? tnx

MrRicey155 says:

Interesting header, your actually just reviewing the etoro site, which usful itself isn’t going to make your money. you snigger at how can people not make money with crypto? it’s so quick and making and losing value and with ETORO you have no bail out option if your sleeping #NoStopLoss available. real world people make and people lose. always check out the demo trading app, it just shows how much profit with splits that etoro take. great smooth site made rather easy to make people use it.

Graeme Howard says:

Excellent tutorial, thanks.

eToro Trading says:

nice video but why don´t you show us your real money account on etoro, not virtual money account?

Vociferous Rich says:

So if a chart is showing a downward trend would it be advisable to BUY thus getting it cheaper?

Should we then keep hold of it until we see the price rise?
How long should we hold onto what weve bought before selling it? Is it a case of, you could be holding onto your purchased currency or stock for 12 months or so?

Click Here says:

*Friday $1597*

iLuv Forex says:

watch?v=LBS-U3P5Iq0& scam broker. stay away

ELFYHO says:

Can I you etoro to buy Vanguard SP500 ETF fund?

matthew telford says:

being on it for a while noe its cool, and i got new strategy

kenneth woodside says:

can i trade Binary Options ?

Natural World says:

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Josua Lounery says:

Link download here

Thriving Spartans says: is a good site to follow when making trades

josephine pardo says:

Im a new trader so i dont have a question but i like your easy manner.

kabutar lal says:

Still in Crypto ?

kenneth woodside says:

where is the CHART showing Candlesticks BB’s RSI Stochs AOs ???????

Gebrekdan Ethiopianizm says:

hello dear, I want to join your this course can tell me something introduction .

Hussein Chabani says:

Hi new people, here is a small book to help you and give you simple tips you can follow to increase the chance of winning, and decrease chance of losing, it’s very cheap you can earn it on simple deal  if you are expert then this book is not for you.

Its just for people who started recently, I am giving you my mistakes to avoid them, and my smart points to stick to them

VanaKraam says:

Nice but I made over 450 USD with the method I found recently. If you are interested, check my latest video

Roman Bcn says:

Great Info! I would love to see a video for new popular investors, I want to become one! I made 35% in August already
Please check my profile: greendreamer

Hayden Harris says:

You get to give your money to gamblers you do not know, do me a favour Lol The traders you give your money to are guessing just like you will do when you trade your self. regards Hayden

Artchie Salva says:

Trade with us here

Stallion trading institut & portfolio management says:

great chanel dude . take a look at my etoro trades and signals . iam specialised in day trading

santhosh reddy pulichinthala says:

etoro is good for people who joined before april 2017 all the new investors always loose money because they increased stocks minimum exposure by 900% mean gambling not investing.

Sufian Ilyas says:

Hi, what is the leverage?
I was planning on long therm investment like 8-10 years is that a good idea?

gertjan van der meij says:

I really don’t trust anything anymore , when the minium deposit is more then $1000 !

Albaroz Gaming says:

Do they take fees even when we’re losing?

Vociferous Rich says:

Does the “Take Profit” sell your shares once its worth whatever youve set the “take profit” to?

kabutar lal says:

Is etoror better than bitmex ? in terms of fees etc ? I know bitmex has max 100x leverage


Etoro is manipulating and deceiving people…for example when they had to follow the latest EU regulation they did not inform in the main communication about the changes what seriously affected loads of traders…afterwards they edited their blog to sort it out. And if you speak about it on their platform then they will block you from commenting…AVOID AS FIRE !

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