How to make money on the Forex market?

Watch our video to find out the basic processes taking place on the foreign exchange market and how you can benefit from them. In addition, you will learn how you can determine the right broker for successful trading.


MKRfootball2010 says:

That writing noise gives me goosebumps you prick.

Pro Network Marketers says:

Isn’t the limit on leverage 50:1?

I am jk says:

if you put a 500x position on a $1000 account to aim for a daily profit of $4000, you are a fucking idiot and you should never touch the market ever again. and tough luck trying to arbitrage currencies. You’d have much better luck doing that in the cryptocurrency market

UpIsDown 14 says:

The loud squeaking noise by your marker ruins the whole video.

Tickmill says:

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Jimtik kzeus says:

can somebody explain the last part in laymans term, if i have 1000 dollars and get 500K in leverage and bet all of it in a forex but it goes totally the opposite of my prediction what is the max amount i could lose?

NightHawk512 says:

I suppose if Euro is my base currency then my idea of profit is contrary. In EUR/USD I would sell high and buy cheaper .

WTF! says:

That sound of scratching just killing me…

Stuart Knowles630 says:

hi all this is so fun 🙁

fizzie910131 says:

y i must buy low n sell high

Samuel Pascal says:

wouldn’t you owe 499,000 if the market falls?

Green Bulls Red Bears says:

good video

Jeff Waymire says:

how do you estimate if the rate will rise or fall?

Paulie Molly says:

Looks good!

Khairul Amri says:

nice video..but that squicky marker sound arghhhh

Baghuul says:

Who the hell needs 1:500 ??? You only need as much leverage to cover your risk.

Michael Crowe says:

If the ratio of 1.25 is for EUR / USD, shouldn’t the dialogue box at 0:33 read “For 1 dollar you get 1.25 Euros”?

- - says:

500x leverage, real smart 😀

Zac Johnson says:

Oh how I love that blood curdling squeaky marker!

Ohms spark says:

This is great …I couldn’t understand leverage at all until I saw this vid you guys should make an app and get that molla

PB42189 says:

stop writin wit the fuckin marker

Duchessandhammer says:

Surely you’re making more money for the banks than yourself? Even holding your capital in their accounts you are making them money?

yusef alsaeed says:

the bank always wins

Frank Darin says:

The sound pen marker distracts my concentration

KING GTV says:

I’m studying forex this is the best video I seen so far

Me TV says:

Sounds to good to be true. What’s the catch

Muhammad Saufi Jamaludin says:

Seriously. The sound of the pen marker is extremely annoying

john vincent says:


Liz Carol says:

oh my God. I can’t listen to all this scratching noise

Pablo Guida says:

Damn it! The noise of the pen scratching the board creeps the hell out of me. I can’t watch this video just because of this noise.

Eleanor Smith says:

Have you another video about forex trading?

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