How To Make Money Trading

How to Make Money Trading

Just because you may have a winning trade does not mean that you ‘actually’ have made money. This is a common misconception that many traders do not realize in their everyday trading. I talk more about it in this free video.


Frank Hernandez says:

This is a bad idea might as well just stick to a 9 to 5.

Jaime Lopez says:

That’s the way!! says:

Great tip… Wish I watched this last summer when I was up almost 30%… Now I’m WAY down from one big move haha. Learned a great lesson though lol

Victor Y says:

Great point, matter fact, off my profits go to my bank as of right now. Thank you , Clay! 😀

Herard Joseph says:

Great Video and concept. Thanks Clay!!

Krystian Alpine says:

great point; how I see it as
Trading Account: Unrealized Profits
Bank Account: Realized Profits, would you agree Clay?

Orlando Henderson says:

Hey Clay. I love the way you teach and I want invest into your programs.Im 18 and I will try and get the full 2000$ program you have but for right now being in college I wanted to get into one of them. I was asking what should be the first program i buy from since im a beginner?

Secretsofsociety says:

If you want to be really slick you take that money you put in your bank account and buy bonds or put it in a safer investment account that you don’t actively trade. This takes it out of your hands so you don’t risk spending it and it will still supplement your annual returns.

Chester Dave says:

Thanks Clay.. Profit booking timely is super important !!

Sunil Reddy says:

Nice Video, Clay. To summarize profit in your trading account is not an actual profit if it stays in your trading account.Moving out the profit from trading account to bank account or not trading the profit that you made from the trading account is always good :-).

John Newson says:

So true

krughan henderson says:

this what claytrader is saying is the truth. I started with $50 in 3 weekIs I had around $150. I was strict. then in a month I had around $500 due to brexit I did a few good trades. then my ego entered…. I started to lose focus and not sticking to my excel plans, to make it worse I did a few trades on my mobile which I vowed never to do. this is what happen93rd. I lost $300 over a few days then I began to click buy then sell in trades hoping to regain my losses but what happened was I lost even more. be disciplined have a excel plan, be strict and never chase trades…. when i use to lose focus I tended to click click click and not thinking while my ego says you are doing just fine… my heart beats out of my chest while my equity is sinking faster than the titanic. I have learnt a lot since that time……. never trade on a mobile

SanityLoss says:

Is it possible to make $50 with just $1000 account?

Barzan Arabo says:

Mr.clay you just trade in stocks or also in Forex & options?

Jake Woods says:

Clay I love how genuine and helpful your videos are thanks a ton!

TED Voice says:

Great video! Thx

101Corkscrews says:

Great video. Would you recommend putting some money in a retirement fund?

Egor Gorshenin says:

Thank you! I have a question. In which situations orders can be unexecuted by broker?

1988joshua says:

Love your vids Clay! Good stuff. I have one Question(s). What about taxes/fees? What I mean is, in all practicality do you put away %25 of gains a week, a day, a month, or a year? Or do brokers do that for you. I can’t find an answer on Google except to figure your tax bracket and equate for that. Do some brokers have an option to pull taxes on gains?

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