How to make money with Steam (investing & trading)

In this video I do the good ol’ explaining of how to make money on Steam with trading, investing and flipping. 🙂
Download SteamWizard: (it’s literally the best)

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DIMJIM says:

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Krieeez says:

So about Steam Artwork Creators, I actually am one myself and I have seen a lot of newer people do the same mistakes over and over again, so let me tell you a few things before you start if you’re interested in making a nice profit on Steam.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to make a really large amount of money with it, know how to trade keys, sell them on third-party websites and how to animate (obviously) before you start though. You can, of course, learn as you go but you will get a much better profit if you have a fair bit of experience going into it since people will see that you know what you’re doing and are more willing to give you money for artworks than somebody new that is still learning.

So about getting customers and making a profit:

Get a fairly high level on Steam, the higher your Steam level, the more people will add you (since high-level collectors are a thing) and once you are on a higher Steam level people will trust you far more. There are A LOT of artwork groups on Steam, some with Designer lists as well where you can advertise yourself.
You will most likely get paid in keys or through PayPal (unless of course, you find a third way to get your money by figuring it out with your customer), but as the artwork creator- never take the money AFTER you’re done making the artwork.
When new, you would be surprised how many people order artworks, you animate and finish them and then they either ignore you, silent-delete you, just say that they changed their mind- which essentially all results in you just not getting paid for the work you have done.
As hard as it might sound to some of you, be cold-hearted but don’t be rude. There is a fine line between being straight about your business and still being nice to your customers and just being plain rude demanding money.

About pricing, you can of course just go with i.e. 15 Keys = 30$ (average, no actual numbers (especially not after selling on 3rd party websites)), but unless you do like the best artwork ever, I would recommend you go a bit lower for the beginning anyways.

I could go on about it a looooooooooooooooooot longer, but I doubt most of you even bothered reading all the way to the bottom anyways. Buuut, if you did, good job! You just read a long text about something most of you still won’t be doing actively, ay gj.

If anyone still has questions about anything and wants to get an answer quickly, feel free to add me on Steam (just search for Krieeez) and I will help you out wherever I can.

Good luck if you give it a shot c:

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The Derpy Venom says:

all i do is get free games, let it run for 2hr+ to get card drops, sell em.

Why Just why says:

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Anomaly says:

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FinG Fake taxi says:

I saw a bayonet doppler with a float of 0.001337 or 0.01337 float so i knew that i could make profit of that, but unfortunally i didn’t have the money…

Direx LP says:

I habe a question: i dont know whether you remember the Video trilluxe made a year ago about making Profit with buying cases. So i bought hundrets of breakout cases and After 6 month they went up to 7 cent and the amount of cases decreased from 1 Million to 500.000 in 2 Weeks. But then within 2 days the amount increased to 1 Million again and the Price went back to 3 Cents. And Since then the case is completely stable at 3 Cents and an amount of 1 Million in the market. Why didn’t it Go up in Price and went back to the normal Price? Did valve change something?

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