How to Make Money with the Robinhood App!

Buy, sell, what should be done?

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Danh Nguyen says:

I love Robin Hood, I have some videos on how I use it for Swing Trading Penny Stocks. How did you get the video capture for this video? Did you use an Android emulator? I tried but couldn’t find a good emulator to do a video for it.

A Diaz says:

do you use any other platforms other than RH?

Robby Loftin says:

Can you trade every two days without being flagged

Rolling Houses UK says:

oh hey Mr Mackey

Stanley Gray says:

useful info. thank you.

Broly says:

So you definitely can make a couple thousand off this

Abraham Obaidi says:

OH MY GOD! This is the second video I have to skip just because of the voice. This guy’s BREATH ON MY FACE. Very annoying. Sorry, you might want to edit.

phantom1503 says:

Hey would you help me make some money and understand more about stocks and robin hood? Is it possible to be a millionaire off of this?

Miguel Montoya says:

dude your voice man. it awesome you should do scary stories like corpse husband and chillz and many others check it out

Daniel Gennaro says:

this video was supposed to tell us how to make money bro you didn’t tell us any parameters that we should say like maybe a hundred bucks or two hundred bucks.. and you didn’t Define what stop loss is. appreciate you putting information out there they’re just offering some helpful feedback.. thank you though

BlizzerdTech says:

Made like 40k off $LINE/$LNCO total

The Winner says:

why not use stop limit instead of stop loss so you won’t lose that money limits are set prices

Luis Duran says:

Why isn’t Linn Energy listed on RobinHood?

robert stevens says:

Robin hood is awesome. The creators did the world a service. No minimums and no fees is major.

Lawrence Morris says:

can you trade put options on robin hood? If not, what can with no fees?

Mason Mercer says:

Owen wilson

Raul Cruz says:

what arehe chances of loosing money

Tushir Swamy says:

*I hardly give a positive review for an online program because most of them are just craps. But, I will readily recommend this system to anyone [Link Here==****  ].*

James Oliva says:

Great review, highly recommend RobinHood to anyone interested in investing. I’ve made $175 so far in less than two weeks. If anyone wants to give it a shot, you can get a free share of any stock by signing up with this referral link:

Goo BlastUm says:

whats your top stocks ?

JohnnyWony says:

this guy sounds just like the youtuber “mcskillet” on csgo haha

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