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Housam Habib says:

I live in Palestine _Gaza city can I trade what are you trading ?

mikedok1 says:

Overtrading DOES have a negative impact on your account. I almost completely emptied my account, last year from overtrading and revenge trade. I started my account with $300. Followed my rules rigidly for 3 months and almost doubled it. Didn’t trade every day. But I will say I was reckless here and there, and got lucky a few times. That’s when I one day got cocky. I thought I was smart enough and did my own thing. I thought I had found the secret to the market, and was smarter than it. till it came back and bit me. First I lost almost $120 in one day. Then I revenged traders, but got about a quarter of it back. Then I traded again and lost another huge sum of money. Then I quit. It was horrifying. A few days later I decided to give it go again. I thought I had gotten over the freak out, but I clearly wasn’t, but I had to make my money back. I gained $70. I was pumped. I was like oh cool, I’m back in the grove again, I traded again, and lost double that. Like an idiot I tried to get it back immediately. I lost even more!! Anyway long story short, I whittled my account that I somewhat, steadily built from $300 to almost $600, within 3 months, to a measly $48, within a few days.

Antonio Caballero says:

Wich broker or platform you use for day trading?

James says:

Wonder if somebody in the know could help me, I’m from the UK and the only day trading/swing trading I can find is CFD’s/Spread Betting (contracts for difference) that trade on leverage, I’m using IG. Is this what Ricky is doing? Because it doesn’t seem so as he never mentions leverage. The only other financial instruments I can find are Share dealing and they have a pre determined time where you can sell, you can’t just get in and get out. I’ve been learning a lot but this has thrown the breaks on, if anyone has any advice I’d be really really grateful

Swing Trader says:

Great info for traders. Find the right trade

harsh here says:

Ricky do you use music while trading ?

Mauro Kane says:

pdt rule applies to cash account or margin account?

strups says:

What is the pdt rule

Jailan Rayvon says:

I’m down like 10% 🙁

Karel Kucerovsky says:

why did @Nat get banned on your chatroom? he was just helping us all

ITS DREW says:

Could you do a full guide on how to trade stocks the stocks just look so overwhelming and I don’t know what anything is at all

Carl James says:

haven’t missed an hour of open market including post/pre since august 25th. desperation or inspiration !

tyler ortiz says:

Are their any active coupons for the learn plan profit group? & is it worth the $300?

Joanne Vaccarella says:

Screen is too dark, can you lighten it up please. It’s easier to see and better on the eyes. Thanx.

Patrick Dodson says:

Hey Ricky, I just started trading about a week ago. One of my first trades was bpth, I got in at $28 and sold at $62. Obviously it was pure luck, but I’m having trouble narrowing down my watchlist because right now there is so many securities breaking out all over the place and keeping up with everyone can be a bit overwhelming. Any tips on narrowing down such a huge list?

Nour Michaelis says:

PLEASE everybody, can anyone suggest me an international broker account?

ItsVisuals says:

So with cash account I can still day trade? On Robinhood

Edmond Andrah says:

Can u explain high time frames and time frames?

Marcos Almeida says:

I bought 100 BTC in early 2011 when they were priced at $0.06 each. I knew at the time when I bought them that one day they were going to be worth a fortune. I can remember telling my wife exactly that, and she agreed with me. But the thing is, what I didn’t expect was for it to happen so quickly. I didn’t even think it would happen in my lifetime, I thought it was probably going to happen in my children’s lifetime. But, there was a lot going on at the time, our house had a dry rot problem, I had a lot of bills I needed to pay and debts I needed to pay off. So, I sold the 100 BTC I had on MtGox when the price was $4. I thought I would have plenty time to buy back in again. Shortly afterwards in 2013 the price rocketed up to $1,200. I had just lost out on $120,000. It was hard to bear as like I said, I knew they were going to be worth a fortune. I lost interest in bitcoin until its all time high of $20,000 where i bought 6 BTC which i saw crumbled to a mere $6,000. Bitcoin has burnt me twice but i kept faith and wasn’t going to sell again like i did. This time around, i decided to try trading which i researched on until i met Kenneth Baine *(bainekenneth@gmailcom)* . Trading with his guidance has been my turning point and i pay myself every 2 months from the profit i make as a trader using his daily signals and trade patterns. That way, i earning continuously and i am not concerned about price fluctuation, bulls, bears and the unpredictability in bitcoin as my profit margin exceeds 400% ROI. His system is one of the best and by far the easiest to adopt. This goes especially to beginners and those finding it hard to turn in consistent and significant profit from crypto, your surest bet is Mr Baine

Ilyass says:

Hey Ricky
What is your strategy ?Do you use scalping or day trading ?

Lavina Goncalves Martins says:

Day trading stocks is probably the most well-known day trading market.
Who else agrees with me? The question now is, How much money do i need to become a day trader?

Zane Quillen says:

Hey Rickey, do you inform your group about what you’re investing in with LPP? For example if you’re planning on investing in a stock do you tell your group or do you just do it silently? Thanks

Doug Ferrell says:

The camera is on your left Ricky… 🙂

Landen Olshefski says:

I envy you Ricky, I really do

luvluca toni says:

Trading is gambling not investing… hold your investments

Nyasha Yussuf says:

Thanku man …..over trading mostly ends up n a negative effect.

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