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JuiceBoxBiotch says:

This was the best video with the most straightforward info on getting started with trading that I have seen.

Brandon Reser says:

Ricky, do you have a video on stop-loss strategies? If not, I think it would definitely be really helpful if you made a video on trailing stop strategies. Thanks in advance (:

Mr. Boom says:

Ricky G!!! Where in California? I’m in Los Angeles, but just had a new born 4 days ago, Lock down 🙂 Have Fun Bro

Will Robinson says:

Do you use Stash app?

djruido1 says:

you talk too fast man, I like the content but dont sound like in a hurry lol

Joshua Norris says:

You do realize that many stocks are in a “Pumped & Dumped” set. How are you tracing this Pump & Dump pattern? Tomorrow’s trend is based off of the daily trades, not exactly based off of the success of the company. A company can be losing money yet thier stock can still uptrend. How do you know its not going to be crashed?

Jamal Duke says:

Actually what I would recommended is slowing down so we can hear the information as efficiently as possible. We would appreciate it your loyal students. Thank you for the information. Since my guy below me wanna be a lil asshole

KingThroatChops XBoxNa says:

You are so right! I started following you last summer and even joined Tech Buds on Facebook. I work night shifts and can not actively trade on a daily bases. However, watching your videos on swing trading and following your advice of identifying the percentage profit possibility I was able to grab $1800.00 in less than a month starting with $5000.00. Hopefully I can keep it up. Thanks Ricky!

Patrick Chong says:

Hey Ricky, I know you do a lot of day and swing trading but do you also have long term stocks that you hold such as Amazon, google etc? What are your views on simply just adding stocks into your portfolio and leaving them long term? Thanks

MrSamky3 says:


chadsoandso says:

@thunderblues ugaz & dgaz, jnug & jdst r traps set by the experience swing traders with huge amounts of capital look at the patterns of the last 3 to 4 weeks they know when we r gonna buy in at certain indicators for ugaz to go up 7 to 8 bucks on no news the trap was set the day before near end of day along with jnug & jdst. I’ve lost like crazy following indicators & past patterns they may even watch rickys page & probably joined his group cause I would knowing I had the capital to set traps and Ricky has thousands of followers & I have a in on what they r planning I essentially have there playbook.

In Hawaii says:

Any thoughts on JNJ?

koolyo2foots says:

Dude you look tired

bryandicom323 says:

So if I enroll into your program I can get the inside scoops of when to buy and sell?! If so, I will enroll!

bryce cox says:

I tried the market. Failed. And now I’m trying to get back into it. I need help to find stocks with potential, and learn to read their charts. +Ricky Gutierrez

Cameron MacKenzie says:


Heart of Gold says:


BSC148 says:

Hey Ricky can you message me? Im 18 years old, live in Mesa and honestly have a good amount of money to start in flipping but I need a little help and advice. Thanks

Manuel Padilla says:

XXII will take off, do your own DD.

Felicia Hawks says:

Love watching your videos! Very helpful, I am a beginner only been trading a few months. Just wondering do you keep a record of your trades in a journal, was thinking maybe I should be keeping a spreadsheet or pysically writing them down. Any recommendations on a certain software, excel, google spreadsheets, etc? Thanks

padraic1983 says:

Hey man i love your enthusiasm. I’m in my 30s and just learning stock trading. What is your website and how do i join you guys? I’ll study.. I’ll network .. whatever is needed .. i just want to learn all i can.

K Style says:

no sarcasm, i think if he can talk faster, he should.

James Rockford says:


Hetal Desai says:

Hey, I’ve enrolled in your stock trading course! Just wondering what platform do we use for trading e.g Ameritrade, Fidelity…? Thanks!

cнanтel angelιqυe says:

Hi I’m new to this and cryptocurrency as well so I’m just trying to get as much info as possible. Can I start of small with investing penny stocks? Like an amount between $5-$20? And which website is that where it shows those charts?

Jacob Sigler says:

Hey Ricky for these daily swing trades are you using Robinhood??

Corbin H. says:

Took the DRN trade….bullish kicker on daily….tynx

djruido1 says:

so you don’t recommend to just buy and hold, knowing the stock has low votality

Big Barisal says:

which stock are horizontal pattern in indian stock market

팽스 says:

Just wondering anyone trading in Australia ?

Cy Ka says:

wish I’ve discovered your channel earlier. You kind of motivate me even I’m much older than you

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